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Novabackup Review

A review of Novabackup including coupons for 2 different levels of Novastor services

Novabackup Professional Coupon
Save 20% on Novabackup Professional

Novabackup server Coupon
Save 20% on Novabackup Server

While there are many products now in the market for effective backup of personal computers and servers, Novabackup has taken one of the lead roles in the market.

In our review of the service, we found many users were quite pleased with what they were receiving for the amount they were paying.

This includes NovaBackup Professional (for home and small business users of Novastor) and Novabackup Server (for people running central computers in larger corporate environments).

During our review, we only did the install on Windows 7, but we found Novabackup Professional to be very easy to install. Continue reading Novabackup Review