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F-Secure says that the promise you get when you purchase one of their anti virus or Internet Security packages is that they will secure the things that are irreplaceable.  Based on our experience with free trials of F-Secure software, we would say that F-Secure lives up to this promise.

Google and Yahoo used to have competitions about who had indexed more of the Internet.  Today those discussions are dead.  The Internet grows every week at the same rate it grew for the entire 1996 year.  The rate of growth for unique pieces of malware (and the sheer number of web sites) online today is also simply staggering.  The Internet is growing so fast that it doesn’t matter who has indexed more pages.

From a security standpoint, this means that if you’re running old software, and old protection, protection that is based solely on getting a copy of a malware file or analyzing a unique URL, you are simply asking for trouble.

F-Secure Internet Security 2011 makes sure that you are protected against modern and complex threats by the concept of Kaizen.  Kaizen is constant and never-ending improvement.  FSecure uses this philosophy to always be growing their ability to detect problems and secure computers. Continue reading F-Secure: Save 20% on F-Secure Through This Promotional Coupon

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F-Secure Internet Security 2011 is a speedy and user-friendly software.

Originally based (and still headquartered) out of Helsinki, Finland, F-Secure has grown into a large and well-reputed anti spyware and security solutions company.  Like their counterparts in the computer protection industry, F-Secure aims to keep viruses, worms, spyware and harmful internet sites at bay. Continue reading F-Secure Promotion Code: 2011 promotion for F secure

Mobile Phone Security

Mobile Phone Security is Currently A Big Issue.  With many more people surfing the web on their phones, mobile security will become increasingly important.

It is estimated that by 2014, 50% of all web surfing that happens in the United States will happen on mobile phones.

That is a staggering growth in the mobile phone market, and a big change in the way people surf the web.

In order to accomplish more easy surfing from mobile devices, it has been necessary to blur the lines between what is mobile technology and what is computer technology.

The device you’re using to talk to your friends has become more complex and useful than the computers of even the early part of the 2000’s.

And where there are users, there will be scammers and identity thieves.

As more and more mobile phones become more PC-like, security concerns have crept in.

There are many recent examples of the how the operating systems of mobile phones can be compromised, people’s accounts can be hacked into, and worse, unwittingly their friends and family can become their biggest security threat as scammers phish for information from the existing contact database in the mobile phone.

Often the mobile phone’s contacts are more trusting than those of the PC.  This makes sense.  Receiving a call from someone spoofing your friend’s cell phone number… someone who says, “Hey!  I don’t know who I’m calling, but I just found your friend’s mobile and his wallet.  I’d like to get it back to him.  Do you know where I can send this?  Maybe to his mom’s address?  Oh, and how again do you spell her last name?”

But it’s not just phone calls.  It’s web surfing too.

In this new era of mobile phones being actual computers, the need for security has never been more apparent.  If you’re not doing something to protect the security of your mobile phone, we highly recommend you do.

Which is why we will be demonstrating over the next few weeks and months, some ideas (and some products) for mobile phone security, as well as how they work to not only protect the data on your mobile phone, but also keep your mobile functioning smoothly.

Some mobile phone security companies even have mobile security products designed to organize your data and make it more useful for you.

In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be talking about FSecure’s Mobile Phone security products, NetQin’s Mobile Phone security products, and other companies as well.

If you have had a positive or negative experience with any particular mobile phone company’s security, or with a security product you’ve purchased to protect your phone, please let us know.  We’d love to hear from you.

More details on mobile phone security, ideas for ways to secure your mobile phone information, and security related apps and products are coming soon.  This post is just to give you a heads up, and to ask for any feedback or questions you may have.

What’s your biggest question about mobile phone security?