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Free Quickverse Download?

Hey IDSecrets,
Do you know where I can get a free Quickverse download?

Save 30% when you download Quickverse with this coupon:

Hey Ray,

Well, we usually stick to software dealing with identity theft, security, protection, helping people that way. However, we figured it couldn’t hurt our

We didn’t find a free Quickverse Download that didn’t also come with a bunch of scumware masking itself under less than ethical guises. (One ad actually said “If you love Jesus, you’ll click here”. Not cool.)

So we got a free download of Quickverse, but had to navigate through so much junk and scammy stuff to get it that we aren’t recommending that method.

What we have been able to find is a discount so that when you download Quickverse, at least you can save some money.

To be honest, this is the first electronic bible that I’ve seen. It appears to be a great tool for reading the bible online and works well with both Windows XP and Windows 7.

After the download difficulties (on the scammy sites), we found Quickverse itself to be quite easy to use.

What we liked about Quickverse:
View several translations side by side is easy.
Quickverse also gives you a plan for reading the bible that will take your goals and time frame into account, and then break that up into a daily reading plan.

What you might not like about Quickverse:
The version we had didn’t have NRSV, but I think it’s available depending on which version of Quickverse you get.

The most fun aspect of the program is the “pronounce” feature, where you get to point at fun names and it will pronounce them for you. 🙂

The Bibles included in the version of Quickverse we downloaded included:

  • New King James
  • King James
  • The Message
  • God’s Word Version
  • International Standard Version
  • Darby’s
  • Youngs
  • The New Testament in Modern Speech
  • American Standard (1901)

Look at the versions of Quickverse before you pay and download to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want.

Our advice though (it’s free advice, but hopefully you’ll regard it higher than free advice): Avoid the scammy stuff on the free download sites and just use the discount coupon code on this page.

If you don’t heed this advice and try to download Quickverse through the free sites, be aware that you may end up with viruses, and other programs running on your computer you really don’t want.

Save 30% when you download Quickverse with this coupon:

Bootstrap MediaWidget Review: MediaWidget Free Download?

Download a Review copy of Bootstrap MediaWidget

Other reviews you did hav said good stuff about Bootstrap Softwares n Security. Where I can get a Botostrap free download for MediaWidget?

Yes, we do get emails like this at IdentityTheftSecrets.

(But at least from this one we can understand what’s being asked.)

In this case, this visitor would like to know where he/she can get a free download of Bootstrap’s Media Widget Software.

Rather than just providing you a link, we’d like to review the software and let you know what we liked and thought could be improved (after reviewing Bootstrap MediaWidget).

And despite what lots of scammy sites say about the software being free, since we don’t know where you can get a free download (other than a trial download), we’ve just given you a way to go directly to the trial download.

MediaWidget is a software which will transfer anything that’s currently on your iPod into your PC. This lets iTunes find the media and display it for you in a way you can use. Continue reading Bootstrap MediaWidget Review: MediaWidget Free Download?