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Three Ways Identity Thieves Find Your Phone Number

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When it comes to identity theft, every individual in the world is at risk. This criminal practice has been going on for countless years and the number of victims continues to grow.

Some reports claim that as many as 10 million people are subject to identity theft every single year. Many times, this information is used to simply promote spam messages and illegal advertisements. Unfortunately, it can also be used to irrevocably ruin a person’s credit and potentially their life. An active phone number can be sold to illicit advertisers and scam artists who want to make a phone call in order to try to get more information.

Of course getting a phone number is relatively simple.  However, when combined with other pieces of information about you, your phone number can become quite valuable.

Here are a few of the ways in which identity thieves illegally gain the phone numbers of innocent individuals and add it to other (more potentially harmful) pieces of information, to assemble a picture of who you are.

Dumpster Diving
One of the easiest and most popular forms of accessing private information has been deemed dumpster diving. While the world continues its shift towards digitized information, vast amounts of information are still sent through generic letters, bills, and notices. Continue reading Three Ways Identity Thieves Find Your Phone Number