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Workshare Compare Professional

Workshare Compare Professional
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Workshare Compare Professional lets you make multiple revisions in multiple documents or powerpoint presentations.

Professionals collaborating on one document or presentation can have backed up copies of each version (the ability to revert back to any previous version of the document/presentation).

Additionally, you can see all the revisions from each user over time so that you can compare what kinds of work changes have happened within the document, who has made those changes, and when they were made.

Workshare Professional used to be called DeltaView. The program definitely does what it is designed to accomplish. Continue reading Workshare Compare Professional

Workshare Promo Code

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Today’s post really is just to talk about the promo code above. We’ll have a review of Workshare later on this week or next. However, we’ll share some of the basics about Workshare now.

Lots of attorneys use Workshare already because it is more effective for them to compare code and notes side by side using Workshare than using the code markup tools in Word.

But you don’t have to be an attorney to see the value from using a program like Workshare Compare or Workshare Professional.

The reason people really like Workshare is because the perception is that Word (from Microsoft) does a pretty poor job of tracking revisions to documents. Continue reading Workshare Promo Code

Paper Shredders Will NOT Protect Your Identity

I just read (skimmed) this article from the head of a company called MyBinding. While he offers some useful advice in his article, he implies that purchasing a paper shredder will protect you from Identity Theft.
Is it time to beat this dead horse again?
Here’s the deal.
Identity Theft is so easily committed because all of our information is so easily accessible, and also so easy to falsify. (The real issue is that our social security numbers are so valuable, and until we get that changed, Identity Theft will continue to be a problem.)
It’s not that shredding your stuff isn’t a good idea, but to suggest that having a paper shredder will somehow protect you is not only misleading, it’s just wrong.
(Aside: I’m not talking about corporations here. Corporations which have any personal information on customers or employees, and don’t have some sort of shredding plan in place, are just asking for trouble. It’s a lot of information collected in one place, which identity thieves thrive on. Why steal one identity and use it once when you can steal 10,000 identities and resell them over and over again? So companies, whether you’re small, medium, or large, you must put together a plan that encompasses not only shredding, but information security as well.)
On a personal level, however, the only studies I’ve ever seen that suggest that (personal, at-home) shredding reduces Identity Theft, were ultimately financed by people who own or are tied to companies that sell personal paper shredders.
Conflict of interest much?
So, shred if you want. It’s a good idea.
But realistically, it’s not going to reduce your chances of becoming a victim of Identity Theft very much, if at all.
Anyone who tells you otherwise is probably trying to sell you a paper shredder.

Continue reading Paper Shredders Will NOT Protect Your Identity