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Solus ID Interview: SolusID discount code and interview with Rob Berger from Solus ID

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In this interview, we talked with Rob Berger from Solus ID.
Here is what Solus ID says about what they do differently when it comes to Identity Theft Protection:

Your good name, your credit history, your health, your job – all define who you are as a person – they define your identity. SOLUS believes that your most valuable asset is your identity – without it, your life simply comes to a screeching halt. Our Platinum Identity Theft Protection delivers a comprehensive protection solution focused on prevention, detection, and restoration. Protection ideally tailored for today’s individual and family. We believe that by providing you state-of-the-art Identity Protection, we provide you Life Protection.

Download the interview about a new kind of Identity Theft Protection from Solus ID”

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Let’s Meet: Free Trial of GoToMeeting and Using GoToMeeting.com

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GoToMeeting is an online resource for large or small businesses and individuals to use to safely and cost effectively share information. You can connect with clients, customers, employers, employees and coworkers to collaborate, train, present and share information. Seminars may be conducted for up to 1000 participants. Find out why meeting online is safe and effective.

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Trusted ID Interview and Promotional Code Coupon

I recently conducted an interview with Scott Mitic, CEO and co-founder of TrustedID, a company promoting a new kind of service in proactive identity protection.
You can listen to the audio below. I had some real challenges with the audio code on this interview, so if it’s hard to understand, I’ve posted the transcript below as well.
Identity Theft Secrets: This is Jonathan Kraft with Identity Theft Secrets and I am here today interviewing Scott Mitic, who is the CEO and co-founder of TrustedID. How are you doing today Scott?
TrustedID: I’m great thanks Jonathan, how are you?
Identity Theft Secrets: I’m doing great! Thank you very much for taking a few minutes with us today. Well, let’s just get started right into this. Can you review for me, the background behind TrustedID? What started it, who started it and why was TrustedID started?
TrustedID: Well I started the company about three years ago with a co-founder and it jettisoned into a business in finding ways for consumers to be able to proactively prevent Identity Theft. I had a wife who was victimized twice in the course of about three years and while looking at the experience she had, I realized there was really no effective solution available to anyone in the U.S. to help stop identity theft before it starts. And that’s what started TrustedID.
Identity Theft Secrets: And I know you’ve got a partner in the business as well.
TrustedID: I do; I co-founded the company with Omar Ahmad, who’s also on our board now.
Identity Theft Secrets: Talk a little bit more about, you said your wife actually was a victim twice, can you explain kind of what happened with her identity theft and how that took place?
TrustedID: Well, the first time was someone in the state of Florida who assumed her identity; committed crimes in her name and also got credit in her name. Someone printed checks using my wife’s name and her account number and passed bad checks. So as is the case very often with identity theft, the financial loss that we incurred, that she incurred, not nearly as significant as the time loss that was incurred. Everything from standing at the police station waiting for an officer to show up to take your report down to trying to track down what credit was opened in her name and then finding a way to convince the lender, or creditor, that that was actually not her debt, but that of a felon that she had never met.
Identity Theft Secrets: Which I imagine that process is very difficult. I know from having talked with a bunch of people; they’ve had some real challenges trying to prove that they’re not themselves.
TrustedID: Exactly. And I think that’s only going to intensify over the course of the coming months or years; as the credit crunch comes upon us, there are more and more people looking for perhaps easy ways to get out of their debt. You can understand a lender being somewhat skeptical when a customer calls and says, “you know what? That’s really not me;” when you’ve got that card. So it’s a natural reaction of that same lender to think twice and to require a little extra proof before they accept it’s the work of an identity thief.
Identity Theft Secrets: And you said before that you didn’t really see anything after looking for ways to help your wife. You didn’t really see anything in the market that was there to proactively prevent identity theft and I think that’s part of the reason you started TrustedID. What does proactive identity theft prevention mean and how do you do that?

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Roboform Discount Code and Interview Transcript

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Download my interview with Roboform’s VP of Marketing and Promotions
IDENTITYTHEFTSECRETS: This is Jonathan Kraft and I am here today with the VP of marketing for Roboform as well as a company called Siber that makes Roboform, Mr. Bill Kerry. How are you doing today Mr. Kerry?
ROBOFORM (BILL KERRY): I’m doing great Jonathan, how are you doing?
IDENTITYTHEFTSECRETS: I’m doing great as well, thank you for asking. And I’m really excited about interviewing you because I have loved personally using Roboform. I just think it has saved me… I cannot tell you how much time I think it has saved me in the last year and a half. I definitely couldn’t disount this program because of the time it has saved me in the past year. I tell people that it is the best thirty bucks that I spent in 2006. But, if you can just briefly talk about what was the reason that Roboform was created?
ROBOFORM (BILL KERRY): Sure, no problem. Siber Systems, which is the parent company, that has been around since 1995, actually started off doing Cobol programming and some interesting things, trying to recover Cobol data files and stuff like that. And the way Roboform got started is our CEO had a need to secure his own passwords. He was tired of just trying to figure out a better way to do it (you know password protect a word document or just putting it into a text file) and he thought there has to be an easier way. And really he just created a really basic program, called it Roboform and put it out there on the web and that was around 2000. And it’s taken off from 2000 just being a small little kind of cool little free utility to really turning into a real business and you know, real software. He found that there was a need for it and we fast forward until today and we just crossed about eighteen million downloads of our product and it has been reviewed by a Who’s Who of the media. We have received all kinds of accolades like PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice, and CNET’s best software of the year and so, it’s kind of cool how just a neat little idea, something that was created for his own usage, turned into this big and reputable piece of software that we have today.
IDENTITYTHEFTSECRETS: Absolutely. So he actually used it to protect his own passwords. What would be some of the things that he would have been using it to protect his passwords from?
ROBOFORM (BILL KERRY): Well, it was mostly a way to safely secure your passwords and then to fill other forms online. But, protecting his passwords could have been from anything. There’s known hackers that can get into people’s computers and get your password and when you’re using, using passwords is a risky business. More people spend more time online and they are doing more things online. They’re banking and direct bill pay and all kinds of stuff and if someone were to discover you using your name and passwords for your accounts, they can steal your identity and really create a mess for you. So, you know the main reason for protecting, and to use secure passwords is to protect you from all, you know, from some of the bad things out there.

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