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The Basics on Stopping Cyberbullying and Protecting our Kids

Before social media and widespread access to the internet came along, it used to be that parents only had to worry about bullying in the school yard. Now, however, our kids are facing a new threat: cyberbullying. Unlike traditional bullying, it’s a pervasive problem because kids can’t get away from it, and it spreads far faster.

Cyberbullying includes text messages, e-mails, as well as posts on social media such as Facebook. In some cases, the harassment is directed at the child, and in other cases it may be rumors or embarrassing photos are spread throughout the school and beyond using the mass reach of social media. Unfortunately, all kinds of bullying can cause the victims to want to lash out, hurting themselves or others, and that’s why it’s so important for parents to be aware of what cyberbullying is and how to fight back.

Protecting kids from cyberbullying

Parents can help keep their kids safe from cyberbullying Continue reading The Basics on Stopping Cyberbullying and Protecting our Kids

uknowkids . . . and now you can help protect them from identity theft and cyber bullying

We’ve talked a lot here about teen troubles when it comes to identity theft, online security, sexting, and even cyber bullying is a real concern as our children start to use more and more technology for both “work” and play.   Having information is one good way to help protect them, and reading articles like:

Many parents are asking themselves and others what sort of steps that they can take to know what’s going on IRL (in real life) as well as online with their teens and tweens to keep them safe from identity theft and cyber bullying.   One system that not only helps you monitor what is going on in your child’s life, but that also provides you with the tools you need to talk to your children about online and cell phone safety is uknowkids.com.

uknowkids.com allows you to set up a system to monitor whatever you feel is important from texting, images and social networking to even tagging photos and sharing locations.  You control the system, instead of it controlling you or your children.  Many other systems set it up so that your child is “caught” doing something but it doesn’t tell you what that is.  It just keeps, say visiting the wrong website from happening.

With this system, you sync both cell phone and internet use, including cell phones and social networking.  You know when and where your child posts a picture and if it’s tagged with a location.  You can see, all in one place, who their online friends are.  And, but having these tools available to you, you can talk to your child about your concerns and help them achieve a level of responsibility, while you protect them from the dangers that are out there.

Now, here’s the really cool news I have to share with you.   uknowkids.com has offered to sponsor 50 of our readers so that they can use uknowkids.com and see for themselves how it works and if they like it or not.  Here is your special invitation code, A014591.  

Simply visit http://www.uknowkids.com and use your invitation code to take it for a test drive.   Let us know here what you like or didn’t like about uknowkids.com and if it is something that can help you as a parent or guardian keep your children safe from online dangers, from cyber bullying to predators to identity theft.