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Wishing to Avoid Smishing and Vishing Holiday Scams?

So it wasn’t enough to learn that the “worms” involved in “phishing” scams weren’t on the end of a hook.  Now the FBI warns that this holiday season we also need to watch out for “smishing” and “vishing.”

Is all of this just identity theft gibberish?  Let’s decipher the “ish” family.

Phishing scams are online scams that target you through your e-mail.  Phishing scams may claim to be anyone from the FBI to the Better Business Bureau to EBay to your bank.  Of course the faux link will take you to an unsafe site where hackers will phish away for your personal information.

With every new piece of electronic equipment we buy and each new upgrade in technology, it seems that hackers and identity thieves find a new way to use our new toys to steal of money and our Christmas joy.

Smishing isn’t a new holiday dance; it’s a new scam.  Smishing scams are similar to phishing scams but smishing scams target you through your cell phone.  Smishers may send a text message to your cell phone or else place an automated call to your cell phone. Continue reading Wishing to Avoid Smishing and Vishing Holiday Scams?