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iVPN Discount and Review

Need a great VPN?
Check out the iVPN discount before/after the review below.

A VPN is a way for you to connect to the Internet in a secure, non-trackable way. And there are lots of potential uses for a VPN beyond security.

However, there are many parties who have an interest in watching what you do online. Blocking their access can be accomplished through a VPN Service quite easily.

If you are a privacy minded person, you likely are already aware of all the ways in which your Internet activity is monitored. And if you are looking to have a good level of control over what’s happening with the information you’re sharing while you’re on the Internet, you should look into a VPN.

Outside of privacy issues, why else might someone want a VPN? Continue reading iVPN Discount and Review

Spotmau Coupon Code

Use the coupon code below to
Save 10% off SpotMau Powersuite

As mentioned last week when we talked about misspellings of SpotMau, we are working on a review which will be coming shortly.

However, we did want to let you know about this coupon code which will let you save 10% off of SpotMau Powersuite Golden Edition.

SpotMau is known as being a great set of tools for maintaining the health of your PC and also for dealing with repairing your computer after boot record mistakes or file corruption occurs. Continue reading Spotmau Coupon Code

iVPN code: Coupon code for iVPN

Looking for a coupon code link for a great VPN?
Check out iVPN below.

Depending on what you like to do online, a VPN is very often an excellent way to keep your computer connections safe through secure communication.

You can see the coupon code link for iVPN above.

We’ve also come across some great coupon codes and links that we know will work for iVPN.

We will be giving them out on a first-come, first-served basis. If you want a coupon code that we know will work for iVPN, contact us to see if any are still available. Again… first come, first-served.

How a VPN works:

The idea behind a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is to give a direct connection from your computer to a server. Then, from that server, you connect with others and surf the internet.

You can think of a VPN as a kind of secret underground tunnel from your home to a trusted friend’s home in another neighborhood. If you go out for a walk, no one in your neighborhood will even know, because as far as they know, you never left your house. Continue reading iVPN code: Coupon code for iVPN

Photoshow Coupon Code

Photoshow Coupon Codes come directly from Roxio
Use the $10 off coupon code below to save money on Photoshow.

Contrary to some reviews (probably written by competitors wanting to bad-mouth a good service), Roxio Photoshow does make really great photoshows. (Slide shows with your pictures and music of your choosing).

These photo shows can be put onto DVD’s, thumb drives, iphones, ipads, android phones, or any other device that lets you play videos.

And the company behind Photoshow (now Roxio) has offered a coupon code so that you can save $10 on the service. Continue reading Photoshow Coupon Code

Roxio Creator Coupon Code

Coupon Code for Roxio Creator
Take a look to see Roxio’s latest coupon codes for Creator

Roxio Creator 2011: Review and Coupon Code

We’ve already reviewed Roxio Creator and some of the cool features included with Roxio Creator 2011.

You should already know as well (from the above link) about the coupon code for Roxio Creator.

Today, we just want to review for you a bit of what we talked about, as well as talk about what we’ve found having had a bit more time to review how amazing and feature-rich Roxio Creator is.

Honestly, that is one of people’s biggest complaints with the program, and we can understand why. With so many features packed into one program, it can become easy to get lost or simply not be able to find the function or feature you really want.

While Roxio Creator does offer a lot of tools and features, we actually find that for all the complex things the program allows you to do, using the software is really quite simple (once you spend a little time with Creator and learn how to use it). Continue reading Roxio Creator Coupon Code

Sonic Coupon Code

Save 10% on Sonic/Roxio products with the Coupon Code below:

Coupon Codes are available for lots of Sonic Software that you might want to download.

You can see above that there is a blanket 10% savings.

That coupon code from Sonic/Roxio will save you 10% on Sonic’s Roxio products.

Just to help you understand (because I was quite confused when I started looking at this), Roxio is actually a part of a company called Sonic Solutions.

But Roxio software (and the services they offer as well) have been well-recognized as some of the top products in the digital media space for over 10 years. Roxio’s primary successes have come through two major and well known pieces of software.

Those are called Creator and Toast.

Roxio Creator and Sonic Toast (that sounds funny) are pieces of software which give you the ability to manipulate and used any digital media on both Mac-based and Windows based systems.

Sonic/Roxio have a huge distribution network for selling their products and services around the planet, or you can just go directly to Roxio.com or Sonic.com to get the software you’re looking for.

The point of this post today isn’t really so much to talk about Sonic/Roxio as just to let you know about the coupon code available for Sonic’s software.

So, before you download from Sonic, make sure to use the code in the link below so that you can save on any of their software or services.

Save 10% on Sonic/Roxio products with the Coupon Code below:

MacSpeech Discount Coupon Codes

MacSpeech Discount Coupon Codes
This coupon saves 5% on MacSpeech Scribe software



MacSpeech is a program that people are very pleased with.  And it’s easy to see why.  MacSpeech saves people time (and with this coupon, it will also save you money).

MacSpeech was built from the most basic code of the program, to work on a Mac, by Mac programmers.  As a result, you don’t deal with some of the problems a program can have when it’s designed first for the PC and later adapted for the Mac.

Reviewing MacSpeech, we found some great features and benefits which we aren’t really going into detail about here, since this is just about MacSpeech coupon codes.

However, here are some of the features about MacSpeech that we really liked.

MacSpeech lets you create voice commands which enable you to perform a lot of simple tasks (open, close, find, etc.) just by saying what you want MacSpeech to do for you.

MacSpeech also has great online support, and good phone support.  This means that when you have an issue of some kind, MacSpeech has set up the systems and tools for you to get support for your software purchase.

We like MacSpeech, and think you will too.  But you don’t have to take our word for it, just use the free trial on the MacSpeech website to give it a shot for yourself.

And if you’re ready to get MacSpeech software for yourself and want to save money in the process, using the MacSpeech coupon code below will let you get this excellent software at a discount.

MacSpeech Discount Coupon Codes
This coupon saves 5% on MacSpeech Scribe software



Bootstrap MediaWidget Review: MediaWidget Free Download?

Download a Review copy of Bootstrap MediaWidget

Other reviews you did hav said good stuff about Bootstrap Softwares n Security. Where I can get a Botostrap free download for MediaWidget?

Yes, we do get emails like this at IdentityTheftSecrets.

(But at least from this one we can understand what’s being asked.)

In this case, this visitor would like to know where he/she can get a free download of Bootstrap’s Media Widget Software.

Rather than just providing you a link, we’d like to review the software and let you know what we liked and thought could be improved (after reviewing Bootstrap MediaWidget).

And despite what lots of scammy sites say about the software being free, since we don’t know where you can get a free download (other than a trial download), we’ve just given you a way to go directly to the trial download.

MediaWidget is a software which will transfer anything that’s currently on your iPod into your PC. This lets iTunes find the media and display it for you in a way you can use. Continue reading Bootstrap MediaWidget Review: MediaWidget Free Download?

Iolo System Mechanic Coupon Code

Iolo System Mechanic Pro
Coupon code: $49.95 (normal $69.95)
Click below:


Does your PC take more time to start up than it did in the past?

Is your computer slower when opening files, connecting to the Internet, and even when starting up?

Over time, most systems slow down.

It happens naturally that as you use your computer, the things you’re doing are leaving behind random files, conflicting files in your computer’s registry, and drives which end up fragmented.

All of these things will slow down the performance of your computer system.

It’s kind of like when you drive your car for longer than you should between oil changes, or like taking it out for a spin on some muddy roads.

After your drive, you’d wash your car.

Every three months, you should have a mechanic change the oil on your car.

It’s a little different with your car, but not all that different.

You should have a “mechanic” for your computer.

Enter System Mechanic Professional from Iolo.

Iolo’s latest version of this award-winning software combines a full version of System Mechanic, full antivirus and firewall protection, data recovery (restore lost or deleted files), and military-standard drive scrubbing, to make sure the files you want deleted are gone forever.

The idea of having a mechanic for your car is to keep your car running like new.  Iolo System Mechanic is designed to keep your computer running at it’s top performance level.

Iolo’s automatic maintenance, which is built into System Mechanic 9, offers you an automated way to keep your system performing optimally at all times.

We do like Iolo’s search and recover (built into System Mechanic) which is a data recovery tool that works to get back deleted files that weren’t deleted on purpose.

This includes:

  • Music,
  • Photographs
  • Videos
  • Documents
  • Emails

And Iolo System Mechanic Pro can find these files on hard drives, memory storage cards, and portable devices.

If you are looking to have a program to keep your computer “tuned up”, take a look at Iolo System Mechanic Pro.

Iolo System Mechanic Pro
Coupon code: $49.95 (normal $69.95)
Click below:


Logitech Free Shipping and Coupon Codes

Good deal for those looking to buy some Logitech equipment.  We’ve just received word that Logitech has some limited supply scratch ‘n dent Logitech boxes (not even the equipment is scratched… just the display boxes got a little beat up).

This means that if you are looking for a discount or coupon for a couple of Logitech items, this is a good chance to go and get it.

This first coupon is free shipping on all Logitech orders over $75 and doesn’t expire:
Free shipping is always a good thing

These two coupons are only good until 23. January. 2011
20% off Logitech Wireless Speaker Z515 – Dented Box with coupon code:
Regular Price: $99.99, Now: $79.99.
Packaging has cosmetic damage, but Logitech product is new and fully warranted.
While supplies last, limit 1 per customer.

Save 40% on Logitech Performance Mouse MX – Dented Box
Regular Price: $99.99, Now: $59.99.
Packaging has cosmetic damage, but product is new and fully warranted.
While supplies last, limit 1 per customer.