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Too Good to be True: Federal Grant Scams

This federal agend was a Sly Fox flickr-edenpicturesI received a very strange phone call today. My caller ID said that the number was “unavailable.” I usually ignore calls from numbers that I don’t recognize but today I was feeling froggy and decided to answer it.

An unfamiliar man’s voice with a very thick accent asked if he was indeed speaking with Ally Levise. Frowning and feeling irritated that someone was about to try and sell me something, I told him that yes, he was.

I absolutely hate telemarketing calls – I feel bad being mean to telemarketers or hanging up on them because, well, telemarketers are just trying to make a dime like the rest of us.

There’s no need to yell at them or try and ruin their day.

It’s politeness to the point of inconveniencing myself.

It’s irritating.

With my identity confirmed, the man proceeded to tell me that he was from the Federal Reserve and that I had been awarded a grant of $7,000 from the federal government.

I waited a beat, expecting him to tell me that first I had to subscribe to three different magazines.

“Okay… what do I have to do?” I humored him. Continue reading Too Good to be True: Federal Grant Scams