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Backblaze Offer Code

Backblaze offers discounts on computer backups via offer codes.
Click below for the latest offer code we’ve been able to find.

Some companies offer discount or coupon codes for saving money on their services. Backblaze does the same thing for backing up your computer, only they do it using the term “offer codes.”

Basically an offer code from Backblaze is the same thing as a discount or coupon elsewhere online.

U.S. News and Word Report says that “Backblaze Is Simplest Way Yet to Back Up PC Files,” and that may be true.

What’s great about Backblaze is how they have been able to keep their costs extremely low through heavy duty but simple innovation.

They build their own storage units, or “clusters” for storing your data. This means that someone from Backblaze physically touched the drive that your information is stored on.

By way of comparison, other data storage companies often buy the physical equipment for storing your data from server companies that build the equipment. Continue reading Backblaze Offer Code

Iron Clad Protection for Personal and Business Laptop Computers

The public has become more and more aware of using safe practices to protect themselves from identity theft. People are opting out of credit cards offers, shredding mail, carefully screening e-mails and using anti-spyware and keylogger programs. These practices help people avoid having their personal information stolen from their mail box or on-line, but what happens if your laptop itself is stolen? What happens then? And what if it is from a business, organization or government agency? How do we protect the information on our laptops?

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