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Backblaze Offer Code

Backblaze offers discounts on computer backups via offer codes.
Click below for the latest offer code we’ve been able to find.

Some companies offer discount or coupon codes for saving money on their services. Backblaze does the same thing for backing up your computer, only they do it using the term “offer codes.”

Basically an offer code from Backblaze is the same thing as a discount or coupon elsewhere online.

U.S. News and Word Report says that “Backblaze Is Simplest Way Yet to Back Up PC Files,” and that may be true.

What’s great about Backblaze is how they have been able to keep their costs extremely low through heavy duty but simple innovation.

They build their own storage units, or “clusters” for storing your data. This means that someone from Backblaze physically touched the drive that your information is stored on.

By way of comparison, other data storage companies often buy the physical equipment for storing your data from server companies that build the equipment. Continue reading Backblaze Offer Code

Lojack for Laptops Theft Protection

Lojack for Laptops Discounts
Use the discounts below to save money when you purchase Lojack for Laptops

25% Discount On Lojack Premium

15% discount for LoJack for laptops standard

There are some great ways to protect your laptop from theft. However, as with protection of anything physical, there is no 100% effective way to prevent theft. Ultimately, if the target is valuable enough, and the thief is clever enough, they will figure out a way to get whatever you are trying to protect.

This is the value of insurance.

However, in the case of your laptop, if you lose it to theft, the nightmare doesn’t end with the theft of the physical computer. It can get worse. A thief can take the information from your laptop to steal your identity, access your banking and other personal details, or cause you even bigger mental and/or emotional trauma..

It’s not a fun thing to talk about.

However, having had family members who have gone through theft of their computers, I know how difficult laptop theft can be. Of course the physical loss is sad and disappointing, but the real loss comes through the emotional trauma caused knowing that someone else has the ability to know everything about you; having all your photos, contacts, and information

Which is why LoJack for Laptops is a great protection when it comes to theft of your laptop.

LoJack for Laptops is made by Absolute Software. They run a technology behind the scenes called Computrace Agent. This is a small program running on your computer which keeps in touch with the monitoring center at Absolute.

If there is a theft and you report it to Absolute, Absolute attempts to reach your computer every 15 minutes. When it does, it works to maintain contact and get details about the computer including the physical location of the computer, and how the computer has been used since the theft.

Absolute then works with local law enforcement to get your computer back to you as quickly as possible.

One great protection that you have with LoJack for Laptops however, is the ability to actually lock down your computer, or remotely delete information that is stored on the computer.

You can even display en error message (one that you write) to the thief.

Here’s a sample message you could use.

“Hey! You took my computer. If you return it anonymously to [123 Anywhere Street], I won’t press charges. Otherwise, you should know that I know where you are because you’re using my computer right now. You have 2 hours to return my computer.”

Something like that ought to get the attention of the person who committed the theft.

Or if the theft was a quick grab and sell again, the person who bought your computer will likely be returning your computer because they don’t want to be mistaken for the thief.

One challenge of LoJack for Laptops is that it is not as effective in many countries overseas. However, if you plan on being in the United States with your laptop this can be a very effective way to protect your information after theft occurs.

Knowing people who have had laptops stolen, I can say with 100% certainty that they wish they had installed LoJack for Laptops before the theft occurred.

Absolute Software lets you lock down the computer and then works to track down your computer and get it back to you.

It’s great theft protection and great peace of mind.

And for a limited time (we don’t know how long) the links below will let you get a discount on LoJack for Laptops.

Lojack for Laptops Discounts
Use the discounts below to save money when you purchase Lojack for Laptops

25% Discount On Lojack Premium

15% discount for LoJack for laptops standard

Could your computer be held for ransom? Ransomware On The Rise

Your computer may not be physically held for ransom, but you may find that the data, information and use of it may be, through a threat called “ransomware.”  This type of threat and hoax is on the rise as reported by many popular antivirus companies like Kaspersky, Trend, and Symantec.  What is ransomware and how does it work?

Ransomware is a Trojan malware similar to a virus that infects your computer. But instead of cleaning up the mess yourself or using a source like Geek Squad, Ransomware actually infects your computer, steals information, disables hard drives and then demands money to restore the computer to you.  There are several different versions of this type of scam: Continue reading Could your computer be held for ransom? Ransomware On The Rise

Photoshow: Free Download for Photoshow Software

Download: Photoshow Software from Roxio has a free service
Use the free link below (plus get a $10 off coupon if you upgrade) for your download.

If you’re looking for Photoshow software to download, you may want to try the free version first. The free version gives you the opportunity to learn how Roxio Photoshow works.

You can also see how to manipulate and maneuver your photos into different positions and time them with music so that you can make awesome slideshows.

Oops. They’re not slideshows anymore.

Are you old enough to know why they call it a slideshow? I am. Continue reading Photoshow: Free Download for Photoshow Software

Roxio Photoshow Premium Service

You can get Photoshow Premium Service with Roxio.
Use the link below for a $10 off coupon.

Remember when you were a little kid and your parents pulled out the slideshow projector to show those grainy photos from when they went o Aruba for their honeymoon?

And you paid attention for all of 30 seconds before boredom set in?

But they wanted to show all 300 of their photos and tell a story about each?

That was eons ago. Especially when you consider what kind of software is available today, for not much money. You really can make incredible slideshow presentations on your computer.

Photoshow from Roxio is one such service that allows you to Continue reading Roxio Photoshow Premium Service

What is Lojack for Laptops?

Lojack for Laptops Discount Codes
Use the discount codes below to save money when you purchase Lojack for Laptops

25% Discount on Lojack premium

15% discount for LoJack for Laptops Standard


I’ve heard of Lojack for Cars, but what is Lojack for Laptops?

Summary: What Lojack for laptops is and what it can do for you.

First off, let’s talk about the concept of Lojack.

Lojack comes from the 90’s phenomenon called Carjacking. Continue reading What is Lojack for Laptops?

Bootstrap MediaWidget Review: MediaWidget Free Download?

Download a Review copy of Bootstrap MediaWidget

Other reviews you did hav said good stuff about Bootstrap Softwares n Security. Where I can get a Botostrap free download for MediaWidget?

Yes, we do get emails like this at IdentityTheftSecrets.

(But at least from this one we can understand what’s being asked.)

In this case, this visitor would like to know where he/she can get a free download of Bootstrap’s Media Widget Software.

Rather than just providing you a link, we’d like to review the software and let you know what we liked and thought could be improved (after reviewing Bootstrap MediaWidget).

And despite what lots of scammy sites say about the software being free, since we don’t know where you can get a free download (other than a trial download), we’ve just given you a way to go directly to the trial download.

MediaWidget is a software which will transfer anything that’s currently on your iPod into your PC. This lets iTunes find the media and display it for you in a way you can use. Continue reading Bootstrap MediaWidget Review: MediaWidget Free Download?

FBI Program Offered in Schools to Help Keep Kids Safe Online

Did you know a staggering one in seven youngsters has received unwanted sexual solicitations online? And that one in 11 has experienced some type on online bullying? That’s according to the FBI’s website touting a program designed to keep kids safe while online.

Did you also know that the FBI works to educate kids and their parents about the Internet—both the wonderfully educational and insidiously opportunistic aspects of it? They offer schools a Safe Online Surfing program to help students recognize, avoid and report  online risks.

The Safe Online Surfing (SOS) program Continue reading FBI Program Offered in Schools to Help Keep Kids Safe Online

PLEASE sign up for offsite backups of your computer – I’m Imploring You

This post is about Offsite backups through Mozy.
You can get Mozy’s Unlimited Backup Service for just $4.95/Month
If you don’t use Mozy for off-site backups, find a different solution.

Please so something to avoid what my friend has gone through this past week.

This week, my friend’s home was burglarized.

The thieves literally took everything of any value at all.

He thinks they got in through breaking or cracking his garage door.


This is no ordinary friend.

This friend is like superman when it comes to computers and fixing things.

He also doesn’t charge what he’s worth.  He’s always worked to be of service to others first, letting the value of his work shine through.

His home is nothing extravagant – a basic 3/2 split level house in a pretty basic, standard neighborhood.

But because of the work my friend does, he had a quiet collection of awesome computer stuff in an upstairs office.

But the thieves probably didn’t know any of that before they walked in the door.

This was just a lucky hit for the thieves. Continue reading PLEASE sign up for offsite backups of your computer – I’m Imploring You

How To Remove A Key Logger?

My fiancée installed a key logger on my computer.  Not only is she reading all of my Skype conversations, but she’s also logging in and reading my emails.  Now she thinks I’ve got something going on with an old friend from high school.

(All this, despite the fact that this old girlfriend now lives in Israel).  She is spying on me.  My questions… is what she’s doing legal? Also, how do I remove this key logger and make sure it won’t be put back on my computer?


James, our question to you is, if you’re not married, and she already doesn’t trust you, how will your marriage go?

(Sorry to say this right before Christmas, but someone has to tell you.)

Have you given her reason in the past to remove the trust one normally places in their fiancée?

Trust plays a key role in all relationships.  While we’re not here to offer you relationship or legal advice, you should be aware that either your fiancée has serious insecurity issues (which already put your relationship in jeopardy), or you’ve given her reason to remove trust she previously placed in you (i.e. you cheated).

Either way, we advise you (as no more than an online friend) to closely look at your relationship, find out where the key trust issues lie, and address them, or evaluate if this is a relationship you want to continue.

Remember, you’re not married yet, and installing a key logger on your computer to monitor your activities suggests your marriage could already be in trouble…

Back to your key logger questions

Is spying on someone else using a key logger legal?

We’re not attorneys, and none of what we’re about to say should be construed as professional legal advice or a substitute for an attorney.

That said, it’s not legal if a key logger is installed on your computer by someone else, and you don’t know about it in advance.

However, whether or not it’s legal to use a key logger on your own computer, when someone else is using your computer, becomes a little more fuzzy on legal grounds.  There are arguments for both sides which have won out in court.

Was she using a key logger on her computer, which you were using?  It doesn’t sound like it.  If she installed this key logger on your computer (without you knowing about it in advance), then chances are good she’s actually done something illegal.

But do you really want to report your fiancée to the police for something she’s done to your computer?

How you deal with the key issues at play in your relationship here is up to you.  But it’s clear something deeper is going on.  Regardless, you probably want to remove this software.

How to remove a keylogger from your computer:

Almost every anti-spyware product we talk about on Identity Theft Secrets will identify and remove key logger software from your computer.

We’ve posted links to discounts on products which will not only remove key logger software from your computer, but will also protect your computer.

If you’re already set in that department and just want something that specifically is targeted to remove just key logger software, we recommend:

Kaspersky (using a coupon)
F Secure Discount Codes and Coupons
Trend Micro Coupons

And we wish you all the best with your relationship.