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Virtual Credit Cards Protect Your Real Credit Card Information

On-line shopping is easy, convenient, saves gas and time. But how can we, as consumers, shop safely when so many instances of credit card theft occur as a result of using our credit cards on-line, especially with those sites that “store” your credit card information. Since we are shopping in the virtual world, why not use virtual credit cards?
As millions of people have become victims of identity theft, consumers have become savvy and cautious about how they use and protect their personal information, including their credit card numbers. Many people want to enjoy the convenience of shopping on-line and saving time and money, especially with today’s gas prices, but are fearful of using their actual credit card numbers on line.

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Citibank Identity Theft Commercials

Someone posted these online, so I thought I would share with you here.
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In my opinion, Citibank’s product won’t protect your identity (their protection won’t charge you to protect your own cards through CIti, but it doesn’t help with your credit identity, your social security identity, your medical identity, etc., unless you pay extra). However, their marketing department is really, really brilliant.
Don’t take my word for it with regard to their “Identity Theft” service, check it out for yourself. If you think that the Citi Identity Theft plan is a complete solution for Identity Theft, then it is recommended that you really understand what you’re getting.
But please, do enjoy the Identity Theft videos, courtesy Citi marketing.

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