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URGENT: Identity Theft and Child Pornography, Oregon Police Need Help

Police arrested a man on charges of Identity Theft and forgery, but when they started going through his computer, they found connections to child pornography.
I’ve long said that the ethics of someone who would live on the hard work and credibility of someone else’s name is likely to be the kind of person who would commit crimes other than identity theft.
Even knowing that from the outset, even before I started this site over 4 years ago, this hurts my heart, and it bothers me to even be the one bringing this news into your day.
But if we can do some good by getting the word out sharing this news (however terrible), and helping to track down the people who may have these kids and be doing who knows what with them, then this will have been worthwhile to pass along.
The news story is below if you want to watch it.
Mostly, if you have been to, or live in, Oregon and can identity anything that is in the pictures and video below, your information can be very valuable to Oregon police.

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Is Your Child’s Identity Safe?

Children are the perfect targets for identity theft, as it may go undiscovered for years. Most often this crime is committed by a friend or family member, but more and more often it is a result of online information.
Read more to discover how your child’s identity may be stolen and what you can do to prevent it.

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