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Are You Trading Time For Dollars, But Not Time For Gold?

Premise: You’re Already Investing, You just don’t know it.

Before you read this article, please note… I am a guest poster on identityTheftSecrets. The views and opinions I am about to express may or may not reflect those of the owners of this site. I am not a financial advisor or an attorney.

All decisions you make are yours and yours alone. I am going to state what I see now, and what I see coming in the next couple of years. While I have done extensive research on both gold buying and identity theft, your investment and gold buying (or non-investment and/or non-gold buying) decisions are yours and yours alone. Having read this article does not constitute professional advice in any way. Buy whatever you think is best (gold, silver, copper, neodymium, europium, oil, stock, cows, whatever… based on what you decide is right. Just whatever you do, have an educated opinion based on real information). Continue reading Are You Trading Time For Dollars, But Not Time For Gold?

How Buying Gold Online Could Protect You Against Identity Theft

Buying gold online protects you against Identity Theft?

That may seem like a stretch, but stick with me here for a minute because I’m going to show you how identity thieves are at least partially to blame for the global economic crisis, and how buying gold can help you hedge your bets against this crime.  Also, identity thieves in chat forums online are talking A LOT right now about how they are using stolen money, YOUR money, to buy gold through various gold sellers online. Buying gold (and silver) gives them the best methods for preserving their plunder and converting it into something tangible that will hold it’s value. Even criminals think buying gold (online or wherever they can get their hands on gold) is a good idea right now.

Buying Gold onlineIdentity Thieves Are at least partially responsible for the financial meltdown. And this does tie into protecting yourself through an online account which lets you buy real, physical gold.

  • Leverage your money by putting it into gold and silver.
  • Buy Gold Bullion.
  • Gold at all-time high, and buying online makes it easy!

So seems to be a common theme in advertising over the past few months as the price of gold has reached for the stars.

And anyone who thinks that identity theft and the financial meltdown are separate from one another clearly hasn’t taken the brief moment it takes to connect the dots.

So let me help connect the dots between identity theft, financial meltdown, and how buying gold is still a good idea and an excellent way to protect at least some of your assets (and yourself) against identity theft. Continue reading How Buying Gold Online Could Protect You Against Identity Theft