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Keeping Your Identity Safe, in a Safe

When was the last time you heard or saw any kind of Identity Theft advertising?

Chances are… very recently.

Be it from AM Radio, TV, or the Internet, these days identity theft protection ads are everywhere.

It makes sense.

After all, there is a huge need for ID Theft prevention, and there are a myriad of products that can help.An old safe in a museum

But among this bombardment of information competing for your “low monthly fee” to protect you from digital theft, it is often forgotten that sometimes
you are most vulnerable in your own back yard.

The question we’d like you to consider today is, how are you protecting the physical version of your documents and records from falling into the wrong hands?

Where in your home are your private and personal documents? Are you protecting them at all?

Passports, social security cards, insurance documents, medical records, USB drives, your laptop or iPad, and what about your children’s birth certificates?

The list of important documents goes on and on.

The answer for how to protect this sensitive information is very simple.

You should probably keep all of them in a safe.

There are three basic recommendations I would make to anyone getting started with a safe for burglar and identity protection:

  1. Make sure the safe has at least an RSC UL rating classification.
    This classification means the sage has been tested for prying and torching attacks for a period of 5 minutes.
    5 Minutes is the minimum burglary classification UL assigns.
  2. Bolt the safe down to the floor.  If you don’t do it, and the safe weighs less than 300 Lbs, it will very probably be taken out of your property. On the contrary, if you do bolt it down, it is almost impossible to steal.
  3. Place the safe somewhere as hidden as you can. If the burglars see it, they might attempt to open it (if they have the time while burglarizing your house) but if they don’t see it, they might not even look for a safe.

Fire concerns

The threat from fire is as real as Continue reading Keeping Your Identity Safe, in a Safe

PLEASE sign up for offsite backups of your computer – I’m Imploring You

This post is about Offsite backups through Mozy.
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If you don’t use Mozy for off-site backups, find a different solution.

Please so something to avoid what my friend has gone through this past week.

This week, my friend’s home was burglarized.

The thieves literally took everything of any value at all.

He thinks they got in through breaking or cracking his garage door.


This is no ordinary friend.

This friend is like superman when it comes to computers and fixing things.

He also doesn’t charge what he’s worth.  He’s always worked to be of service to others first, letting the value of his work shine through.

His home is nothing extravagant – a basic 3/2 split level house in a pretty basic, standard neighborhood.

But because of the work my friend does, he had a quiet collection of awesome computer stuff in an upstairs office.

But the thieves probably didn’t know any of that before they walked in the door.

This was just a lucky hit for the thieves. Continue reading PLEASE sign up for offsite backups of your computer – I’m Imploring You

Home Alarm Systems: Comparing Security and Burglar Alarm Systems

Preventing identity theft isn’t just about securing your personal information.  It’s also about securing the places and people that matter to you most, because often, these places and people contain the most information about you.

Your home is one of these places.

Modern alarm systems have brought in a whole new host of features and benefits for homes.

And as a result, comparing alarm system companies isn’t always easy.

(Note: we’re going to give you some simple ideas for things you may want from your home alarm systems), but Alarm Systems 4 You is really an expert in this area (their site lets you compare features and benefits from multiple home alarm system companies), so you might want to take a look at Alarm Systems 4 You.)

There is of course the cost of installation of the actual equipment in your home (which is sometimes waived or free as a way to lock you into a long-term alarm system contract). Continue reading Home Alarm Systems: Comparing Security and Burglar Alarm Systems