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The Cybersecurity Act of 2012 is Defeated

On August 2nd the Cybersecurity Act of 2012 was defeated by the US Senate.  This bill would have allowed big companies to track what we do on the Internet and then give that information to the government.  The senate needed sixty votes in order for the bill to leave the debate stage and to go into the next step.

While this is great news for the cyber community, this does not mean that this is the end of this type of legislation.  President Obama is currently looking at other ways to implement some aspects of this bill including using an executive order.  The president is adamant about protecting the country from cyber threats.  He feels that our current system is outdated and inadequate for today’s big threats.

This may be bad news for the president but those ordinary citizens of the United States are happy that this bill was stymied.  The act made it clear that Continue reading The Cybersecurity Act of 2012 is Defeated

Cybersecurity in the Senate: Time to take action

Do you appreciate your digital freedom? Do you know how to protect your security and remain safe on the Internet? If so, then you might have heard about the new Senate Cybersecurity bill S. 3414. The good news is that it is not CISPA. However, there are some downsides to this new bill. First, the privacy protections are under threat. They were added in response to the concerns of the Internet community but they may now be watered down or even removed completely as the bill advances through the Senate.

This is a common problem in these matters. The public hears about a proposed bill and support it but by the time it makes its way through the channels, you’re hardly looking at the same bill you supported in the beginning. This is why we have to step up and speak out.

Congress wants to use “cybersecurity” fears to convince people it’s ok to have their civil liberties challenged. They want to make you afraid of the dangers that exist online and believe that they are protecting you but the truth is they can protect you without invading your privacy.

When cybersecurity legislation is bad, it affects the privacy of the people. Often it will bypass the existing privacy laws and automatically send your personal data directly into the hands of the government without judicial oversight.

The Senate has introduced a new cybersecurity bill (S 3414) that addresses some of the most significant privacy concerns. While not perfect, S 3414 includes strong new privacy protections and we want to make sure they water them down while passing the bill. Continue reading Cybersecurity in the Senate: Time to take action