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Stop Zilla Review: $30 Rebate Code and StopZilla’s free registration key?

StopZilla markets itself as Antispyware made easy.

There are lots of places online you can go to get free registration codes and keys for StopZilla, but it may be a bit of a case of buyer beware (even if you’re just getting StopZilla for free.).

Not all that glitters is truly gold, and many of these sites where you would get the code will install scamware with the key.  Read on to see more of our review about StopZilla itself.

Note: if you’re not looking to read a review of StopZilla and just want free trial download or code for a discount, clicking the link below will take you to a place where you can get StopZilla for $9.95 (after $30 rebate.)
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Webroot Antivirus With Antispyware

Webroot is a company that has been building antivirus and antispyware products for some time now.  They work to help fight viruses and spyware on your computer by giving you many tools for not only dealing with viruses and spyware, but also for maintaining your computer system’s health in general.

One example is Webroot’s tool called Security Complete.

One feature of Security Complete operates when when you’re doing a web search (Google, Yahoo, Bing – not sure if all web searches and sites are included or just the big 3), a security rating is automatically displayed next to each web site.  This security feature can really help to prevent you from visiting a malicious web site where viruses or spyware could be installed on your computer.

To prevent incoming mail from having spyware or viruses in them, advanced spam-scanning engines work to filter and remove problems from your incoming email.  This stops significant virus and spyware threats that can come through spam.  It always concerns us, and consumers in general, when a program filters your mail, but Webroot offers assurances that you will receive the messages you want, while everything else is automatically rooted out and then cleared for you.

The biggest thing that we don’t like about Webroot Antivirus with Antispyware is that it seems to slow down already slow computers.  It’s often hard for an end-user to know what’s actually slowing down their computer, but this has generally been people’s biggest complaint about Webroot software in general, and Webroot Antivirus.

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Trend Micro: Interview with Trend Micro’s David Perry

Though you may not have heard of them, Trend Micro is one of the world’s largest companies in the antispyware and computer protection software space.
In this interview, I spoke with David Perry, director of Global Education for Trend Micro, about solutions for everyone from home and home offices, to small business and enterprise business solutions.
Products we talked about Trend Micro Internet Security (formerly called PC-Cillin, but since phased out for a new name, just Internet Security), as well as their antivirus plus antispyware solutions, and a free scan that they call “Housecall”.
This is one of my favorite interviews I’ve done for IdentityTheftSecrets.com, as David is both a dynamic speaker and a very knowledgeable individual in the security and computer protection industry.
You can listen to the interview here for now, and a transcript of this interview with Trend Micro will be coming soon.