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Get Panda Antivirus Pro 2011 (from Panda): Coupon Saves 20%

The Panda worked for bringing millions of visitors to Chinese zoos.

The Panda works as the symbol for the World Wildlife Federation.

The panda worked to sell a brilliantly done movie (Kung Fu Panda).

But will Panda Antivirus work on your computer?

Judging by the thousands of people looking online every month for terms like “get free Panda Antivirus” and “antivirus from Panda for free”, I would say yes.

If people are looking for something for free, it means they already know it’s name, know it’s a good product, and are just trying to figure out how to get it without paying for it.

We son’t be able to show you how to get Panda Antivirus for free.  It’s not legal and also not a good idea.

But we have been able to get a Panda coupon to save you 20% off of Panda. (Not as good as free, but still something, right?)

It seems there is a lot of interest in Panda Antivirus, and it seems justified.

If you’ve had Panda Antivirus before, you’ll want to look at all of Panda’s products for 2011, before deciding to buy their antivirus product.  In addition to freeing your computer of viruses, Panda Internet Security 2011 designed so that you can use the Internet for anything.

Panda’s main focus of course is giving you tools to protect you while you’re online, keeping your computer free of things that could harm it while letting you surf the Internet  without interruption.

It seems that almost every minute, more and more viruses are released.  More spyware is unleashed on unwitting consumers who don’t really understand what needs to be done to protect their computer against viruses.  While this is unfortunate, it also means that the IT Security market is growing, and Panda Antivirus has definitely established itself as a product people can trust.

Panda Security (the company) one of the top names protecting computers against viruses and other Internet threats.

We’ll be talking more about Panda products, including the features of Panda Antivirus, in upcoming posts.  For now, if you want to get Panda Antivirus (it’s not free), the coupon code below will save you 20% on Antivirus Pro 2011.

Get Antivirus Pro 2011 from Panda: Coupon Saves 20%

Is Trend Micro PC Cillin Internet Security the Best Medicine for Your PC?

Trend Micro PC Cillin Internet Security is a full service personal computer protection software system. Once installed on your computer it provides antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-spam, anti-phishing, identity theft protection, two way firewalls, and parental controls.
PC Cillin antivirus software is updated regularly and not only detects known but unrecognized virus software that is not yet identified or named. PC Cillin does contain programming that lets it scan for programs consistent with a virus, thus protecting your computer from worms, Trojans and viruses. Safety scans are performed on all incoming emails, and is sends out instant messages with notification. You can also set PC Cillin for auto removal of any virus detected. The anti spyware and anti phishing software protect your identity as well as personal and financial information making shopping and searching online safer.

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