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Do NOT Install Snap.Do!

Just days after receiving and setting up my shiny new laptop computer, I encountered an annoying problem. Suddenly, my homepage was no longer Google. It had seemingly spontaneously changed to something called Snap.Do. It looked similar to Google’s homepage, but with a weird sideways squiggle in the same colors as Google’s logo. At the same time, I started experiencing problems with my flash player.

Snap.Do is published by a company called ReSoft. ReSoft purports itself to be reputable, claiming that Snap.Do is a browser tool for simpler, more efficient web browsing. In reality, it’s part of a sneaky package that will track and use your information. It’s basically a browser hijacker inundated with malware and spyware. It will change your internet settings, collect personal information and work with adware.

Some people buy the ReSoft corporate line and willingly register with Snap.Do, while other users are involuntarily infected by it. It affects Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Do not intentionally install Snap.Do! It is completely unsafe. If you’ve experienced a hijacking by Snap.Do, you’ll want to immediately remove it from your computer.

You’ll want to go to your control panel and uninstall it. Also, go to your browser settings and delete any search engines related to Snap.Do or ReSoft. Here is a more comprehensive article about Snap.Do and how to completely remove it.

Stop Zilla Review: $30 Rebate Code and StopZilla’s free registration key?

StopZilla markets itself as Antispyware made easy.

There are lots of places online you can go to get free registration codes and keys for StopZilla, but it may be a bit of a case of buyer beware (even if you’re just getting StopZilla for free.).

Not all that glitters is truly gold, and many of these sites where you would get the code will install scamware with the key.  Read on to see more of our review about StopZilla itself.

Note: if you’re not looking to read a review of StopZilla and just want free trial download or code for a discount, clicking the link below will take you to a place where you can get StopZilla for $9.95 (after $30 rebate.)
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Comprehensive Anti Spyware Protection with Outstanding Customer Service

STOPzilla offers superior, all-around protections with a completely rebuilt Anti-Spyware engine. If you are looking for new ways of identity theft protection, especially protection from all the ways your personal computer can be attacked or even used to invade your privacy, then this software may be for you.

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Free Spybot: Search and Destroy the Spies Trying to Get to Your Information

Can you get a free copy of Spybot Search and Destroy?
We aim to answer that in this IdentityTheftSecrets article.
Are you being spied on? Is your privacy being invaded? Is someone keeping track of your internet habits? Or possibly, even worse, are you being sold out?
Spyware threats are silent stalkers. Spyware keeps track of your internet browsing habits and creates a profile on you and your habits. It is then sold to advertising companies so that they can market products to you.
This isn’t just invasive and annoying. It can also cause your browser to crash or allow your home page to be altered or even hijacked.
What’s worse? Your computer may be infected even if you have not experienced any symptoms or problems.

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Avira Antivir: Award Winning Antivirus Protection Everyone Can Afford

When it comes to protecting your computer, your work, your finances and your identity, you want to
know you are dealing with an established, award winning company that can provide you with the protection you need, at a price you can afford and technical support. Avira, and Avira’s AntiVir Software, can do all that and more?

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Lavasoft Product Review: Ad Aware Plus by Lavasoft

Lavasoft Ad Aware Plus is a very economical (and can be downloaded for free) alternative when searching for antivirus and antispyware software support for your personal computer. Lavasoft antivirus software includes many key features, not available when you download many other software programs.
Ad Aware Plus download is an expanded and economical alternative for providing your personal computer with antivirus, anti spyware and other threatening software protection. Ad Aware Plus is one of several antivirus software protection programs created and maintained by Lavasoft, a private company. Lavasoft was begun in 1999 and is headquartered in Sweden. Lavasoft was one of the first software companies to detect and create antivirus software programming. Lavasfot also has small business, enterprise, academic and non-profit antivirus software and systems support available. Their success can be rated by the over 250 million Ad Aware antivirus downloads world-wide, providing anti virus, anti spyware and other protective services to computers all over the world.

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Product Review: PC Security Shield 2008

Get PC Security Shield 2008!
(link opens PC Security Shield site in new window)

Every internet user should protect themself from identity theft utilizing an antivirus software program, but with so many to choose from, how does a consumer know which product to buy? With this product review, consumers can gain knowledge about a new version of PC Security Shield, 2008 and all the features it provides including standard antivirus and spyware protection as well as not so standard features.
Read more for information on PC Security Shield, it’s anti-virus software system, features, special products and services, cost, and how to purchase and use PC Security Shield 2008.

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