Stop Zilla Review: $30 Rebate Code and StopZilla’s free registration key?

StopZilla markets itself as Antispyware made easy.

There are lots of places online you can go to get free registration codes and keys for StopZilla, but it may be a bit of a case of buyer beware (even if you’re just getting StopZilla for free.).

Not all that glitters is truly gold, and many of these sites where you would get the code will install scamware with the key.  Read on to see more of our review about StopZilla itself.

Note: if you’re not looking to read a review of StopZilla and just want free trial download or code for a discount, clicking the link below will take you to a place where you can get StopZilla for $9.95 (after $30 rebate.)

There are many issues people have with StopZilla’s over-simplifcation of the antispyware software and spyware solutions.

Review of StopZilla
Does stopZilla work?  Sure.

Does it work well all the time and against all threats?

Depends on what you are doing on your computer.  If you surf porn sites or other sites where scumware and scamware proliferate, you will probably have spyware get through StopZilla’s protections.  It is apparent from our review and others reviews of StopZilla that there are some viruses that can find their way in.

So if the program has some issues, what has been the key to StopZilla’s growth?

StopZilla is backed by a solid company that knows how to build decent products and bring them to the marketplace.

StopZilla was created and is still run today by iS3.  This is a Florida company.

Over a period of about ten years working as consultants, iS3 worked with businesses like IBM and Kmart.

In 2001 StopZilla was created to enable users to surf the Web easily and without having to constantly have their computers fixed by expensive computer techs.

STOPzilla is easy to use, and has been installed on more than 15 million computers.

Boosted by their free customer support program, STOPZilla has continued to grow.

So what’s the problem?

Because other antispyware companies have moved to the cloud computing model, STOPZilla has fallen behind a bit in it’s ability to instantly update and respond to threats.

That having been said, we think StopZilla may be close to finding some keys which will unlock further success for the antispyware company (iS3) backing it.

Overall StopZilla Review:

If you are surfing mainstream sites and checking your email, Stopzilla can be a good software for you.

If you are hitting more sideline and margin sites (porn, warez, even some gaming sites), then StopZilla might not be enough for you, and we would recommend something more robust like AVG.

This has been our review of StopZilla.

Want a StopZilla discount code?

Clicking the link below will take you to a place where you can get StopZilla for $9.95 (after $30 rebate.)