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Find out how much a search costs using Inteligator’s, where they search for information from and how it may help you find the person you are searching for. It also provides help with information to protect or fight back from identity theft, fraud and other crimes.

Are you desperate to find someone from your past or just want to know more about an old acquaintance’s life today? Maybe it is a first best friend forever, a special neighbor, a favorite babysitter? Maybe it is even a first or second love and you don’t want to have to go on one of those “surprise, guess why you’re really here” talk shows to see your old flame and find out how they are doing today in front of the whole world. Maybe you’ve tried MySpace and FaceBook with no luck or maybe you don’t want to go that route because you really don’t want anyone to know you’re looking.
At it’s not all about long lost loves or neighbors.
Amy was soon to be honored with a highly coveted award and she really wanted to find, thank and invite that special teacher that she credited with heading her work in the right direction. Her teacher had been a mentor and a friend, so clearly she didn’t want to hire a private investigator to go look for her. (Honesty, many private investigators use the Inteligator services to do their leg work.) Amy also needed information fast and this was the perfect scenario for using
Karin on the other hand needed services like those of to get the process of child support enforcement moving along. With the thousands owed to her in back child support, it was worth the fee to get the exact pinpoint of his newest address so that this delinquent Dad could be served sooner.
While Inteligator’s cannot be used for any unlawful purpose, there are many appropriate reasons beyond the merely curious or desperate to say hello including:
*Fraud prevention
*Asset verification
*Location of criminals, witnesses, beneficiaries or heirs
*Research for debt collection
*Child support enforcement
*Compliance with federal, state or local laws or regulations
What can provide besides an address? can provide reports that may include:
*Criminal Records
*Court Record Search
*Inmate Record Search
*Marriage Record Search
*Divorce Records
*Birth Record Search
*Phone Number Search
*Address Search
A search may also include:
*Bankruptcy Search
*Sex Offender Search
*Property Records
*Arrest Records
*People Search
*Relative Search
*Legal Judgments
*Tax Liens
What do you need to start a preliminary search?
A first and last name is all that is required to find give you preliminary list of possible matches that you may want to know more about. A middle initial, city, age and state are also helpful and can narrow down the search. You have to be a U.S. citizen 18 years of age or older to use services.
The Advantages of using
With, consumers get results:
-from thousands of sources, both public and private
-without the high cost of a private investigator
-without leaving your home
-delivered with privacy right to your computer offers a variety of pricing options from direct searches for $4.95, unlimited checks for one person for $9.95 and comprehensive background checks for one person $14.95.
Today’s society is a transient one. It is so easy to lose touch. Individual institutions like schools, employers or landlords are rightly reluctant to share information. If you want or need to find someone for lawful reasons, Inteligator’s can help you privately and right away. You don’t even have to leave your home to find someone miles and miles away.