Something Old, Something New in Identity Theft

You may have noticed our new and improved page look, but it’s more than just a new look that is coming to Find out what is new around here and how we plan on bringing you even more important protection information than ever before!

Since 2005 has been providing you with helpful articles on real life stories of identity theft, identity theft protection interviews, tips and prevention and protection techniques and tools. We have even been able to share with our readers how not even an identity theft site writer can be safe from email scam invitations or virus software on our computer, but hopefully our readers have learned from our experiences as much as we have learned from theirs, which they share then email and comments on our site.
Quite often our identity theft protection and prevention information has helped us all be smarter shoppers, especially online as well as learn how to protect our credit and our credit cards. We are now taking the assistance one step further and in addition to helpful identity theft information, prevention and protection articles we will be offering our readers even more consumer protection information. Our articles will now start to include product information, shopping scams, product recalls, consumer protection information, new consumer laws and how they could affect you and consumer rights and remedies.
We are excited about this new direction and most of all we hope that our broadening of our article horizons will help our readers not only with identity theft protection, but also in becoming an all around more savvy and knowledgeable consumer.
Some topics to look forward to in the future:
Product recalls
Consumer rights and remedies
Safer shopping
Moving rights and remedies (did you know there is actually a hostage negotiator for moving situations?) And many more topics.
But most of all we want to know what topics are important to you as a consumer and what would you like to know more about?
Do you have a topic you would like to see explored? Do you have concerns about any particular consumer topic that you would like explore? If so feel free to submit the topic in the form provided or leave it in your comments.