Do NOT Install Snap.Do!

Just days after receiving and setting up my shiny new laptop computer, I encountered an annoying problem. Suddenly, my homepage was no longer Google. It had seemingly spontaneously changed to something called Snap.Do. It looked similar to Google’s homepage, but with a weird sideways squiggle in the same colors as Google’s logo. At the same time, I started experiencing problems with my flash player.

Snap.Do is published by a company called ReSoft. ReSoft purports itself to be reputable, claiming that Snap.Do is a browser tool for simpler, more efficient web browsing. In reality, it’s part of a sneaky package that will track and use your information. It’s┬ábasically a browser hijacker inundated with malware and spyware. It will change your internet settings, collect personal information and work with adware.

Some people buy the ReSoft corporate line and willingly register with Snap.Do, while other users are involuntarily infected by it. It affects Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer. Do not intentionally install Snap.Do! It is completely unsafe. If you’ve experienced a hijacking by Snap.Do, you’ll want to immediately remove it from your computer.

You’ll want to go to your control panel and uninstall it. Also, go to your browser settings and delete any search engines related to Snap.Do or ReSoft. Here is a more comprehensive article about Snap.Do and how to completely remove it.