Second video discussing

In this video, we highlight CardersMarket’s position. states that they’re just allowing a place for illegal activitiy to be discussed, and not really participating in any illegal activity themselves.
Carder’s Market points out that it isn’t a crime to discuss illegal activity (at least not in the United States and many other free-thinking countries). When that discussion turns into action is when there is a crime which actually occurs.
It’s a super-gray line that is being walked here, and not one which I’m a fan of.
However, watch the video below and make your own determination of what’s actually going on at

5 thoughts on “Second video discussing”

  1. You got some wrong there, bro. Let me know if want enlightened. And a simple thank-you would have been nice for the login. 😉 – ncXVI

  2. I’m not really sure who you are, but it was interesting to be inside of the CardersMarket forum.
    To be honest, I’m not sure how I was allowed in… some forum that I had gotten in to was acquired or taken over by CM
    And if you were responsible for letting me see the inside of CM, then I thank you. It was an enlightening experience to see the depravity of some people, and to be able to share it with the world.

  3. If anyone should even read this article or see that video, it should be known that discussion is still legal, as the disclaimer said. The author of this site, or at least the person doing the voice-over in the video doesn’t really know what he’s talking about and his arrogant approach doesn’t really do him any credit.
    Although, I will say that it’s still risky and, as the FBI proved, not hard to find evidence against those people.

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