Sandisk Promo Codes: Flash Media Storage

SanDisk Promo Code: 10% off when you register at the SanDisk site


We talked last week about SanDisk discounts. Today we want to share with you promo codes for SanDisk, and a little bit more about Sandisk as a company.

SanDisk promoted itself as the right solution in the right market at the right time.

And this strategy worked very well.

Flash memory, in a variety of media, is something we are all very familiar with today from our digital cameras, mobiles/cell phones/blackberry/MP3 players, digital video players, USB flash drives, and other products which require flash media for storage.

Flash storage is incredible because it can store significant amounts of data on little tiny non-moving parts.

We take this for granted today, in part because of all that SanDisk pioneered in the world of flash media.

And as SanDisk have been a primary source of quality and reliable products, they have helped to move forward the exponential growth in the personal technology market (and the sales of the products mentioned above).

SanDisk also promotes its technology through licensing arrangements with other companies who are the industry leaders in their respective industries.

And here are some interesting (and amazing) SanDisk statistics.

  • SanDisk has more than 1700 patents in the United States (as well as more than 1100 patent applications pending).
  • SanDisk has over 1100 patents in countries around the world.
  • In the entire world, SanDisk is currently the only enterprise which has the rights to both manufacture and sell every major flash card format.

That alone is reason enough to know this is a company that is building products for the long term.
If you’re looking for excellent help for your flash media storage needs, or just want a promo code for SanDisk products, check out the link below.

SanDisk Promo Code: 10% off when you register at the SanDisk site