Safe Eyes Parental Control Software Suite: A Review

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Is Safe Eyes Really the best control software for parents?

A Review

Before we dive into this review of SafeEyes, let’s talk about  parental control software and what it allows you to do.

Generally speaking, parental control software describes programs which enable parents to decide what content is good for their children.  Parental control software has been designed for TV’s, the Internet, mobile phones, DVD/BluRay Players, Satellite Television, and portable video players.

Safe Eyes is a software which has been developed for parents to protect their children while they are on the Internet.

It is a program which gives you, as a parent a flexible set of tools to make your own judgments about what you want your children to be able to see (and not see).  The idea is to keep the eyes of your children safe from content which you might object to them seeing, even when you’re not there.

Review of the features of Safe Eyes Parental Control Software

The software gives you many features and has a good degree of flexibility in what it allows you to do.

  • Usage Notifications and Logs: Safe Eyes will let you know instantly via your choice of notification medium (email, text message, phone call) if an inappropriate website has been viewed. You can also set Safe Eyes to create logs of visited websites and programs, and to check on instant messaging chats. You can (if you choose to) review all conversations and review all websites.
  • You can also control programs like instant Messaging programs and file sharing programs, to either allow or disallow, or limit the amount of time that your children can spend using them.
  • You can also control what kinds of website content are appropriate for your children and (and most parents love this one), control the amount of time your children are allowed to use the Internet.

In our previous reviews, we’ve found some parental control software that is extremely limited in it’s filtering ability.  However, because Safe Eyes separates web content into 35 different categories, you not only know what’s being filtered, but you have the control on a content level, which lets you decide that harmful content will not get through.

Safe Eyes works on both PC and Mac, although the features available are slightly different between PC and Mac.

You can review those differences on the Safe Eyes website through the link below:

Company Review

The company behind Safe Eyes is

The long-running track record of InternetSafety products like SafeEyes is reason enough to want to trust the company.

Other Parental Controls software companies saw an opportunity for big money in this industry in 2006, 2007, 2008, and built products that were hastily put together and poorly conceived.

InternetSafety, on the other hand, has been creating suites of web filtering software for both everyday home users and businesses since 1999.

Safe Eyes is the most known of InternetSafety’s products, and has won many awards including:

  • PC Magazine Editors’ Choice Award
  • Editor’s Choice Award from LAPTOP Magazine
  • Rated the #1 parental control solution by America’s leading consumer advocacy publication.

We haven’t yet reviewed Internet Safety’s other products.

However, also has a browser it has developed for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad called Safe Eyes Mobile.

Their additional products are aimed at the business market and include:

  • EtherShield.  EtherShield is a solution similar to Safe Eyes, except that it works at a network level and allows a network admin in any business a simple plug-and-play option for Internet filtering.
  • Safe Eyes Business.  Safe Eyes Business is a filtering service which will work for businesses of nearly any size.

The latest news from InternetSafety is that they have been acquired as a business branch of McAfee.

McAfee is among the largest security companies in the world, and gives InternetSafety a whole new level of both credibility and ability.

In final Review:

While we haven’t reviewed all aspects of SafeEyes software, we like what we’ve seen from this parental control software.  We think you will too.

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