Safe Eyes For Mac: Is there a Mac Version of Safe Eyes Parental Controls?


Your review of Safe Eyes came up on my computer from Google today. You know if there’s a Safe Eyes For Mac?

I’m a PC user, but the ex-wife got a Mac and liked it so much she got a Mac for our 11 year old.

She doesn’t pay much attention to what he’s looking at, but if Safe Eyes or something like this Safe Eyes program exists for a Mac, I’m putting it in his computer.

(The ex is clueless as a parent and things [thinks] a Mac will protect him against everything.)

Ill look forward to the review on your site of the parental controls for parents whose ex-wives got their kids a Mac


Hey Chuck,

  1. We’re sorry to hear that things didn’t work out between you and your ex. You sound bitter. We hope bitterness can pass from your life.
  2. Mac’s not that bad. This post was written on a PC, but Mac does have many upsides. Mac is just not good for people who like to tinker around with the inner workings of their computers.
  3. In answer to your actual question, yes. SafeEyes Mac version exists, and many Mac parents are pleased with it’s performance for their children.

Since we don’t have a Mac, we can’t actually review it for you on a Mac.

But if Safe Eyes for the Mac works the same as Safe Eyes for the PC, we think you will be pleased.

You can get Safe Eyes: Mac version, through the link below.

At the risk of overstepping our bounds here…

Remember as well to take it a bit easy on your ex.

She and you are among the first generation of parents trying to keep their kids safe online while giving them the tools to explore, change, grow, and become everything that this new technology enables them to be. Parenting in the digital (and attention deficit age) is NOT a simple task.

You might want to try to help your ex become a bit more aware of the Internet. The way to do this is not by trying to teach your ex, however.

Instead, introduce your spouse to sites where she can read articles and take classes. There may be a parents group around with some good discussions about keeping kids safe online.

Perhaps you and your ex could attend together. Barring that, a couple of good sites to visit and follow are and

Parents kind of need to have a grasp on what’s going on online, which it sounds like you to. Perhaps through introducing your ex to some of these resources she will become a little more aware as well.

Again, based on our review of Safe Eyes on a PC, we think you’ll be pleased with Safe Eyes on a Mac.

You can get Safe Eyes: Mac version, through the link below.