Roboform Keeps Passwords and More Protected

WIth technology comes convenience, but also threats to security. Each time a consumer accesses their bank or shops online their keystrokes may be recorded, hackers may obtain their financial information and personal information may be released. There is a software to protect Internet users, while they are doing any number of tasks from registering for travel to playing games online.

Today’s technology offers consumers so many conveniences; on-line banking, internet shopping, on-line bill paying, research at our fingertips, e-mail, instant messaging, photo image storing and creation and so much more.
In addition to many important day to day financial and communication tasks, the internet offers many other opportunities for entertainment, free samples, and survey’s, game and contests. But with all of the convenience of working and playing on-line, in addition to the security risks, most users still feel burdened by the amount of time it takes to fill in forms over and over. As we access any number of internet sites, we are required time and again to complete forms, create accounts, sign in and utilize passwords.
But time and effort are not the only complications that are a result of using the Internet to make our lives easier. Unfortunately, all these conveniences have also brought us the risks of identity theft, with threats including hacking, phishing, spyware, spam and keylogging. With all these “log ins” and passwords, consumers often use the same password over and over again as well as keep it in a spot like our wallet or near our computer so we can easily access it.
However, identity theft security experts tell us not to keep our confidential information in our wallets or near our computer. They also tell us not to use those “easy to remember” pass codes that use personal information we can
remember but others can also guess. Or what happens in the event of an emergency, disability, illness or even death, and your family needs those passwords in order to keep your finances in order, and you are the only one who knew what your passwords are. So, is there any relief for all of this password remembering and form filling?
Yes. Roboform offers a tool that addresses all of these concerns, by providing a service that stores passwords, personal and financial information keeps information safe as well as cuts down on “keystrokes” making it more difficult for keylogger software to work in any possibly attempts to “steal” your information.
Roboform is a program that fills in forms for you and securely encrypts passwords. It will even generate a random, highly safe password for you when you hit generate. It uses an artificial intelligence system that is created to identity forms, complete them as well as generate and safely store passwords, keeping your account information safe.
This form filler and password service saves time and effort as well as provides security by: managing passwords and logging you in automatically as well as filling in long forms for registration or shopping checkout with just a click.
Special Features Available with Roboform:
-The ability to create one identity, but have multiple credit cards, addresses, user names and passwords stored.
-Roboform even fills in drop down boxes. For example, if you have a
birthdate or expiration date in January, Roboform will choose January,
Jan. or 01.
-Regardless of fields are presented, Roboform can detect which formation of the numbers should be provided. For example, it does not matter if a form requests your phone number as a 10 digit number, or 3, 3 and 4 numbers Roboform will fill it in correctly.
-Roboform is so smart it customizes information according to country locations and traditions. For example, it will fill in a U.S. form will the month first and a U.K form with the day first. It can also fill in forms in many languages, translating Mr., Monsieur or Herr and so on.
-If you want you can use highlight to have Roboform fill in just part of a form for you.
Roboform protects your identity and personal information by:
-Encrypting your passwords for complete security.
-Generating random passwords that no one can guess.
-Fighting Phishing by filling in passwords only when web sites match. (This is so important because phishers set up similar fake web sites.)
-Stopping Key loggers because the keyboard is not used to type passwords, keys cannot be logged.
Roboform is a product of Siber Systems. Siber Systems is a privately held company, incorporated in 1995 in the Commonwealth of Virginia and they have offices in Europe and Asia as well. Their first product, the Cobol Transformer hit the market in 1997 and is licensed by many Fortune 500 companies including IBM. In 1998 Siber Systems released the Cobol Data Viewer that is licensed by hundreds of companies to recover data.
The companies’ first consumer product, Roboform, became available in 1999 and has been used worldwide by millions. So popular and reliable, it has been translated into 30 languages. Siber Systems added RoboForm2Go, among the first of applications that can operate from USB flash drives. RoboForm2Go is a portable version of RoboForm that allows consumers to their passwords with them and enjoy the conveyance of this service anywhere.
Roboform and Robofrom2Go work with Internet Explorer, AOL, MSN and now Firefox, IE 7 and Vista. It is available for your Lap Top or Desk Top computer for $29.95. You can add Roboform2Go for U 3 drives or non-U 3 drives for $19.95. There’s also a version for Palm you can add for $9.99. A 30 days free trial is available with a “No Questions Asked” Money Back Guarantee.
This service has been awarded PC Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award,’s Editor’s Review Award (Excellent in 5/5 categories) and the blue ribbon FDM (Free Download Manager) User’s Choice Award. Independent consumer reviews say over and over that it is “easy to use,” “a quality time saver” and “fast, fast, fast.”
Roboform is a product that can make “the conveniences” of technology even more convenient. It can save you lots of time and protect your identity from identity thieves at the same time. Talk about multi-tasking! Your information will be safe, you can get more done in less time and your family will have the resource it needs in case of emergency.