Resource for Learning about Security and Cybercrimes

In the last several years, cybercrime has become an increasing problem, especially with its ever evolving nature. The criminals using cyber methods to get what they want are smarter than your average thief, which means that to really protect yourself from this sort of crime, it’s smart to learn as much as you can about how these crimes happen. One great place to start is at Master of Homeland Security¬†list of the Top 100 National Security Resources.

While a list of one hundred different sites is an immense amount of information to explore, there are a few on the list that really stand out, either because they are very informative or just simply an interesting collection of information. Not all of the sites necessarily pertain to cybercrime, but they all are security related.

First on the list is In Homeland Security, a site which provides news and information about both terrorism and homeland defense. The information isn’t just limited to the US either. There are several international news articles.

Then, second on the list is a really interesting blog by the TSA which lists items found on travelers, and it explains some of the ways the TSA protects travelers and their privacy. For example, they discuss how the body scanners work, and what they do to protect personal privacy. It’s also a great place to check out before you travel so you can be sure you won’t get in trouble for items in your bags you might not know are prohibited.

Number 33 on the list is the Cyber Crime Review. This site covers a variety of news about all kinds of cybercrime and the law. It is a great place to keep up with court decisions regarding privacy and cybercrime. Knowing how the law is interpreted can help protect you.

And in the very last spot on the list is, a great site for learning how to be prepared for an emergency. One of the best things about this site is that it includes a section for kids to learn and play through a variety of scenarios.

Some of the sites on the list aren’t that impressive, and you may wonder why they are on the list at all. ¬†When exploring, pick and choose which are best for you. Although the list is not an exhaustive source for information, it is a good place to start, and that can help users know how to search for what they’re really looking for.