Report Identity Theft?

People ask me all the time about reporting identity theft.
It’s interesting, because most places that have you report identity theft issues will not be able to help you as an individual.

That’s kind of disappointing, isn’t it?
Here’s what the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) says about reporting an Identity theft to them.
“The FTC serves as the federal clearinghouse for complaints by victims of identity theft. While the FTC does not resolve individual consumer problems, your complaint (report) helps us investigate fraud, and can lead to law enforcement action.”
In other words, fill out our form, and become a statistic.
On a small scale, Your local law enforcement will likely tell you that there’s not much they can do to help.
The problem is simply too big.
On a large scale, the FBI is dealing with thieves who steal $500,000.00 and up, so unless your theft falls in that range, good luck.
So, the ic3 has been set up to help you report Identity Theft related to Internet Crime. It’s a governmental agency co-sponsored by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the National White Collar Crime Center (NW3C).
Here’s what they say on their web site about reporting Identity Theft:
“Complaints (reports) filed via this web site are processed and may be referred to law enforcement/regulatory agencies for possible investigation. Any investigation opened on complaints (reports) filed on this web site is opened at the discretion of the law enforcement/regulatory agency receiving the complaint information. Filing a complaint (report) with IFCC in no way serves as notification to your credit card company that you are disputing unauthorized charges placed on your card or that your credit card number may have been compromised. Please contact your credit card company directly to report to them your specific concerns.”
So who should you report your Identity Theft to?
The answer?
Report your identity theft to all of the above, and more.
Here’s a short list of the people you should report identity Theft to, with links directly to many of the sites where you can report the theft:
Local Law Enforcement
State Law Enforcement
Fraud departments of banks, Credit Cards, any other Financial institutions with whom you do business
The Social Security Administration
The Federal Bureau of Investigation
The Federal Trade Commission
The iC3 (Internet Crime Complaint Center)
STEP 2: Why you should report Identity Theft?
STEP 3: Why the problem is so hard to get a handle on
STEP 4: After you’ve reported the theft
STEP 5: What now? Isn’t there a better way?
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