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Every internet user should protect themself from identity theft utilizing an antivirus software program, but with so many to choose from, how does a consumer know which product to buy? With this product review, consumers can gain knowledge about a new version of PC Security Shield, 2008 and all the features it provides including standard antivirus and spyware protection as well as not so standard features.
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The internet is a powerful tool. With it, you can stay in touch with friends and family, shop, find out information, make travel plans, help children with their homework, and perform a million other useful functions. But with the fun also comes the danger of identity theft and an anti virus software program is absolutely essential for every internet “surfer” no matter what the use.
The three most prevalent internet dangers regarding identity theft are “phishing,” ” spyware,” and “spoofing.” Phishing refers to bogus email from an online service or your bank indicating that your account information needs to be verified or that your security may have been breached and you need to confirm you log in information. These messages take a variety of different forms, but these two or the most easily recognized. If you follow the instructions provided in the email, you may provide a third party with your account information. Spyware is an insidious little software system that you may not even know is on your computer without a spyware detection system. This software is used to record keystrokes to obtain either personal and financial information whenever you shop or bank online. It can also be used to access confidential information on your hard drive. Lastly, spoofing, refers to the process through which a legitimate internet site is taken over; redirecting people to a fake internet site where they are asked to provide confidential information.
Some of the most important features to look for when you are searching for an anti virus software program for your personal or business use is to make sure that it provides features to protect against and regularly update for these types of problems. One of the many newer antivirus systems available to consumers is PC Security Shield 2008. This anti virus software program is standard in its provisions of anti virus, spyware and adware protection, personal firewall, automatic daily updates, your choices of real time, and/or scheduled scanning, as well as parental controls which you purchase online, then download to your personal computer. However, PC Security Shield also has some very unique and useful features that consumers may not be aware of.
First, consumers have two options for their subscription service, unlike the majority of antivirus software which usually require a one year subscription. With this software you may purchase your service either monthly or yearly. Second, in the event your computer does become infected with a virus, Security Shield provides a “patch” within 2-3 hours and a complete repair of the virus within 5 hours. According to PC Professionals, Security Shield using F-Secure technology responds 3-4 times faster in repairing viruses as well as updating customers’ service with the latest antivirus protection “twice” as often as other anti virus software systems. (PC Professionals, Issue Aug. 2006). Third, this anti virus software system uses not only a filter, but a “blacklist” of sites that send unsolicited email for use in phishing schemes, stops these messages from entering your in box and stores these emails in a separate folder for your safety.
Additionally, the Parental Control features offered with PC Security Shield 2008 are special in that parents can not only block websites according to content, but they can also block internet use during specified times of the day. Parents who have children home after school or whose children may be older and use the internet often unsupervised may find this feature to be particularly helpful. It helps keep children and teens off the internet when necessary and assists them in scheduling supervised times of use, according to the parent’s schedule.
Lastly, PS Security Shield 2008 does not have an additional charge for the use of its technical support services for repairs or assistance. Many anti virus software systems charge a per event or per minute technical assistance fee in addition to the purchase of the software download.
The technical support for this software system provides online support in the form of instant chatting, frequently asked questions, and product guides. When I attempted the instant chat session I was responded to immediately, however be sure to have your product or key code associated with the software program available. They also provide for email and telephone technical support. The telephone support does not provide a toll free number, and I was on hold for a little over 5 minutes before a technical support specialist was available.
The system requirements necessary for downloading and utilizing the PC Security Shield 2008 appear to be consistent with industry standards and the equivalent of those required by most other software providers.
The cost for this service is currently $39.99/year after a $20.00 mail in rebate promotion that is currently available. In order to be eligible for the rebate you must: register for one year of service (not monthly); use the service for 90 days; and end your pre-existing anti virus software support with any one of those listed by PC Security Shield. The monthly service program is $5.99 a month for one computer or $9.99 a month for up to three computers.
In our household the most important features are the ability to control not only just web content, but also the times that my children are permitted to be on the web, along with the fact that I can change these times according to my schedule. The other favorite feature is that it protects emails from spy ware, phishing, and keylogging types of emails through two different services; the one being up to date research and the other being a compilation log of “bad” sites that may attempt to hi jack your personal information.
To purchase this service, you simply register online with PC Security Shield; and choose the service plan you are interested in. After that you are provided with a confirmation email which gives you a “key code.” You revisit the site, log in, and use your key code to be permitted to download their antivirus software to your computer. Many of the preference settings within PC Security Shield are easily understandable. However, you may wish to use the online chat session to help you with the more advanced settings involved in parental controls or scheduling scans and updates.

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  1. Ive used PC Security Shield in the past and I was very pleased. Its scheduler was great to keep the kids off the social sites till I got home.
    Great Article.

    I first found out about PC Security Shield when computers in my office were infected by insidious trojans and rootkits promoting PC Security Shield.
    Any company that uses viruses for promotion can not be trusted!

    I first found out about PC Security Shield when computers in my office were infected by insidious trojans and rootkits promoting PC Security Shield.
    Any company that uses viruses for promotion can not be trusted!


    I had to reinstall Shield Deluxe on my system after hard drive replacement, since in report section, it appears something is turning off shield protection (see below, copy of “events”)
    11/18/2008 9:42:18 AM A full computer scan has never been performed. You are advised to perform a full scan as soon as possible.
    11/18/2008 9:42:25 AM Protection of your computer started.
    11/18/2008 9:57:12 AM Please restart your computer to complete the installation of new or updated protection components.
    11/18/2008 9:57:12 AM Please restart your computer to complete the installation of new or updated protection components.
    11/18/2008 9:57:14 AM Update completed successfully
    11/18/2008 9:58:36 AM Protection of your computer is not running. You are advised to resume protection.
    11/18/2008 9:59:30 AM A full computer scan has never been performed. You are advised to perform a full scan as soon as possible.
    11/18/2008 9:59:33 AM Protection of your computer started.
    In order to properly install on my system, from original install I was told that conflicting software “turned off shield” so I was on live support today and some wise acre wrote lmao and disconnected me, there is NO phone # anywhere on site to contact them..
    below is log of my “live support” session
    Welcome to PCSecurityShield’s Chat Support! A support agent will be with you shortly. You are number 1 in the queue. Your wait time will be approximately 0 minutes and 0 seconds. Thank you for waiting.
    You are now chatting with ‘Support Agent’.
    patt levy: hi had to re-install new hard drive, lost key code, want to re-install PC Shield 2008 on my computer
    Support Agent: Hello patt levy! Thank you for contacting PCSecurityShield’s Technical Support department.
    Based on the prechat survey you are experiencing General Use Issues.
    Please provide if you are running a wireless, hard wired, or dial-up Internet connection, while I attempt to access your account information.
    Support Agent: Please click on the supplied link below to obtain either your registration keys for installation or the download link for your purchased product.
    Keycode & Download Center
    patt levy: ok got my keycode, do i need to disable any windows security software to make PC Shield work properly?
    patt levy: hard wired connection, windows vista
    Support Agent: You must disable the firewall
    patt levy: just for install or permanently?
    Support Agent: Thank you for waiting. I am sorry for the delay. I will be with you shortly.
    Support Agent: I will be with you momentarily.
    Support Agent: lmao
    Support Agent: Thank you for chatting with PCSecurityShield’s Online Technical Support!
    We recently added some exciting new features to our website. Therefore, we have several applications that are available as a free trial. Please Click Here! for a list of these items.
    We really appreciate your business and thanks for chatting with us.
    Have a nice day.
    Chat session has been terminated by the site operator.

  6. Prior to purchasing the software, I got a virus, and I purchased “The Shield Deluxe 2009” as I had heard a few good things about the software. I heard “great product and great customer support.” It could not remove the virus from the system, as there was always a few items it could not perform any action against. I found this strange since I had heard good things about the program. The items it could not remove were always “.DLL” files, and I was not able to physically locate them on my computer anywhere. Anyways, I ended up backing up all my documents on an external hard drive, reformatting my computer, reinstalling everything, and now I am trying to transfer my documents back. I ran a virus scan on the external hard drive, and it still could not remove 6 items. The items were all archived items, and it said it could not perform any action against them. I wanted to be able to transfer my documents back to my computer, but I did not want to put my system at risk. So I tried to contact Customer Support.
    You can only email or IM them, not call them, which I was not aware of. They recommended that I contact the live chat service which I did 2 separate times. The chat room was not a human; it was a computer talking to me, which was frustrating because they did not really address my needs. I was told to run an application they sent me, generate a system report, and send an email to them with the report. I tried this, and received an error when trying to send them the file. They started to send me automated messages that said the same thing as before: “Send system report”, or “Please visit the online chat line”, but they would never tell me how to fix the problem. Also when I would send them the issue, they would respond a send me an “Issue closed” email when the issue was obviously not closed! I tried sending the system report via multiple email addresses with no luck. I finally figured out a loophole to send the message with no help from them, and asked for their help. I asked for a resolution within a couple days as I had already been waiting a month and a half for a resolution and they did not respond for another week. When they finally responded, they sent me another automated message that said to go and talk to their Live Chat Service again!!! I ended up getting a different AntiVirus software, and it didn’t detect any virus’s and I transferred all my files, and everything has been working properly since the first day!!! This is one of the worst customer support experiences I have ever received, and I cannot believe I read a good review about them. I have paid for this software, and have never been able to use it successfully. 7 emails, 4 chat sessions, and 1 computer reformat later, the issue still has not been addressed. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY OR PRODUCT!!!! I AM WARNING YOU!!!!!

  7. NEVER buy any software from this piece of crap company. I Live in BRAZIL, i bought this software and then i was charged TWICE on my credit card for the same purchase. Tried the support, but forget, there is nothing in this company that deserves to be called ‘support’. They have no chat support, no e-mail support, only telephoine support. I Called them from brazil, but after paying 10 minutes of an international call and just waiting for a position, i assumed i really lost 100 dollars. hope they burn in hell

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