Pinnacle Studio: Download for Windows 7

Pinnacle Studio for Windows 7 + Promo Code
$139 off when downloading Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Bundle for Windows 7

Using Pinnacle Studio on Windows 7 is a nice experience. While using Pinnacle Studio with Vista, users often found that the processes of Pinnacle Studio were slow or clunky, but it appears that was more a problem of Windows Vista thank Pinnacle Studio.

With Windows 7, Pinnacle Studio seems to work smoothly, run quickly, and create excellent output videos in an easy way, as it always has.

In order to use Pinnacle Studio with your Windows 7 machine, here’s what you should have as a minimum (if you don’t know what any of this is, but you want to get a computer that will work well with Pinnacle Studio, you can print this list or email it to a geeky friend who can help you):

  • Intel Pentium or AMD Athlon 1.8 GHz (2.4 GHz or higher recommended)
  • Intel Core2 Duo 2.4 GHz required for AVCHD
  • Intel Core2 Quad 2.66 GHz or Intel Core i7 required for AVCHD 1920
  • 1 GB system memory, (but they require that you have 2 GB if you want to do anything with AVCHD
  • A graphics card that is compatible with directX and has 64 MB on board (though you’ll do better with 128 MB or higher. If you want to do HD video or AVCHD, you’ll want 256 or better)
  • A sound card that is compatible with DirectX 9 or newer
  • 3.2 GB of disk space (Remember when 3.2 GB seemed like a lot of space? Now it’s required disk space by just one program, and you can’t even buy a 20 GB hard drive because it’s too small.)
  • A DVD-ROM drive so that you can install Pinnacle Studio from the CD
  • A USB 2.0 port is also ideal

Optional things you can put on your machine to make the performance of Pinnacle Studio inside of Windows 7 even better include: a CD burner so that you can make Video CDs (or Super Video CDs, which are also known as S-VCDs), a DVD burner if you want to create DVDs or AVCHD* discs, and a great sound card with the ability to output surround sound.

So what can you do with Pinnacle Studio on your Windows 7 machine?

You have lots of options, but they include the ability to

  • Import videos and photos from lots of different media and in lots of different formats.
  • Add all kinds of “fun” ness to your video including adding animations and sounds
  • You can turn your original video into a stop-motion video, which creates really fun resulting videos
  • Automatically fix shaky camera syndrome
  • Use preset templates which let you save LOTS of time in creating your videos
  • Lots lots more.

We’re enjoying our trial of Pinnacle Studio on our Windows 7 box and think that you will too.

If you would like to download Pinnacle Studio for Windows 7 (and save $139 when you purchase the Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Bundle) check out the link below.

Pinnacle Studio for Windows 7 + Promo Code
$139 off when downloading Pinnacle Studio Ultimate Bundle for Windows 7