Phishing Wells Fargo Style

A Phishing Site built to damage Wells Fargo’s credibility.
Phishing – Wells Fargo Example

From Wells
“Report Fake Emails, Web Sites, and Pop-ups:
If you encountered a suspicious email, Web site, or an unsolicited pop-up window claiming to be affiliated with Wells Fargo, you should follow the appropriate steps below to report the situation to us immediately. Always keep in mind that Wells Fargo will never send email containing attachments, or require customers to send personal information to us via email or pop-up windows.
Keeping your personal information safe is Wells Fargo’s top priority, and as our customer you are protected by our Online Security Guarantee.
Step 1: Change your username and password
Even if you’re not sure if your information has been compromised, it’s a good idea to promptly change your Wells Fargo username and password. Also, if you are signing on with your Social Security number, we strongly suggest creating an alternate username.
Sign on to Wells Fargo Online®, or Wells Fargo Business Online® Banking and go to Account Services to change your username and password.
Step 2: Contact Wells Fargo
If you provided personal information via an email, Web site, or pop-up window, call the Online Fraud Prevention hotline immediately at 1-866-867-5568.
If you did not provide any information, but just encountered an email, Web site, or pop-up window, please forward the email or information to
Wells Fargo will put a hold on your relevant accounts when you call us. We will also make suggestions and take the additional appropriate steps based on your particular situation.
Step 3: Monitor your accounts on a regular basis and report suspicious charges immediately. You can do this online, 24 hours a day, with Wells Fargo Online® or Wells Fargo Business Online® Banking. Scrutinizing your account activity regularly is one of the best ways to notice and stop fraudulent activity quickly.”