Review: PC Pitstop coupon for PC Pit Stop Optimize 3.0

PC Pitstop Coupon: 20% off Optimize 3.0 Home

Disclaimer: Our review of PC Pitstop is less of a review and more of an endorsement. That’s because this product is well-known for helping tens of thousands of people speed up their PC’s performance.

PC Pitstop’s website offers you an online test for your computer.

Through their unique testing technology, your PC is automatically diagnosed for the majority of challenges to the speed of your PC.

Testing your PC is simple.

Simply visit PC Pitstop’s website and click for their online testing.

According to PCPitstop, millions of PCs have been tested using their software.

PC Pitstop offers full versions of many pieces of software that people have come to know and appreciate.

PC Pitstop’s Optimize is their flagship product and is among the most well-known PC Optimization tools.

With PC Pitstop 3.0 you’ll have even faster tools to speed up your computer.

This product, along with PC Matic Home, are the pieces of software that PC Pit Stop is currently making available with coupon codes.

Review of other software from PC Pit Stop:

While there’s nothing wrong in the code with any of PC Pit Stop’s additional products, they aren’t really the core competency of the business.

We really like PC Pit Stop for it’s ability to optimize drives, as well as their online testing abilities.

Their other products are solutions you may want to get through other companies.

However, in case you’re interested, these are the additional products you can get through PC Pit Stop:

  • Drive Alert: This lets you make sure your drivers up-to-date (We don’t really recommend this one as Windows can test and update this for you
  • Exterminate: A software for fighting viruses and spyware-not the core competency of PC Pitstop
  • Disk MD
  • Erase (Something like a proxy for securing yourself online)

PC Pitstop is among the top products available today for software that will optimize your PC’s performance.

PC Pitstop also offers you free (and legitimate) tests for your computer so that you will have an idea of how much their products might help you before you buy.

Their tests and software are available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.

In Final Review:

Go try out PC Pitstop’s test, or if you know for sure you want to get PC Pitstop, use the coupon below.

PC Pitstop Coupon: 20% off Optimize 3.0 Home