OmniPage Review: Our Review of Omnipage Pro

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Our review of OmniPage:

Short Review:
If we were to write a short review of our history with OmniPage and OmniPage Pro, that review would go something like this.

• Really good
• super impressed
• mildly disappointed (by support)
• really disappointed (by features)
• regaining confidence (with newer (more recent versions of MoniPage),
• Loving program (with new version)
• confidence restored (with seemingly new support levels for OmniPage and Scan soft/Nuance Products.

Longer Review:

I hate re-doing results of an OCR Scan.

It feels like such a waste of time to scan a contract or other document into the computer just to find out that I practically have to re-format the entire thing just to make it look and work right.

This is one of the things I’ve appreciated about having OmniPage.

Because it is such an accurate program for scans from OCR/for OCR text recognition, I spend WAY less time trying to get documents to look right after I’ve scanned.

That is worth a lot to me in both time and money. Using the latest version of Windows (Windows 7) and Office, OmniPage Pro works great.

Things I really like about the latest version of Omnipage:

The company listened. People wanted changes and Scansoft/Nuance understood what changes were wanted and made them from the last version of OmniPage to this one. I like it when companies review the feedback they are getting before going in to re-design their program.

It takes a detailed approach, a willingness to listen to consumers, and a view that the customer’s voice really does matter.

And I feel like all of those things are true in this latest version of MoniPage Pro.

Also, I have heard one thing from reading reviews that the larger corporate clients really like about OmniPage. This is that with OmniPage’s latest version, it is possible to archive documents directly into Microsoft SharePoint. It’s a little thing, but I’m sure it saves organizations doing a lot of scanning significant amounts of time.

One of the features I really liked while reviewing OmniPage was that I could edit documents and search through them in multiple formats. That made my life simpler just knowing that the search feature was reviewing documents in all formats (an area where even Microsoft’s search tools still come up short.

I mentioned at the beginning of this review that it seemed such a waste of time to have to re-type scanned images. I also like how having the improved results from scanning with OmniPage actually means that I don’t have to focus so intently to proofread everything all the time.

I’ve even used OmniPage for scanning and converting in German and Spanish on a couple of occasions and got great results there too.

I don’t use most of these formats, and I don’t know how many formats OmniPage will output to, but here’s what they say as far as output formats on their website:

• Amazon® Kindle®
• Microsoft® Word (.doc)
• Microsoft® WordML (.xml)
• Microsoft® Word 2007 (.docx)
• Microsoft® Excel (.xls)
• Microsoft® Excel 2007 (.xlsx)
• Microsoft® PowerPoint 2007 (.pptx)
• Text
• Form data export (.csv)
• Corel® WordPerfect®
• Fillable WordML, InfoPath® and PDF forms
• PDF — image, searchable image, normal and edited
• PDF append — attach content to existing PDF
• PDF with digital signatures
• 128-bit encrypted PDF files
• Tagged PDF files
• XPS — image, searchable image and normal
• XML and open eBook
• Audio file output

If you’re looking for a great program which will do a lot of incredible recognition for scanning, OCR, and voice, Omnipage (and Nuance’s other products) are solutions worth close personal review for yourself. I’ve been pleased using OmniPage and it has gotten better over the years as time and technological requirements and abilities have improved.

Coupon for OmniPage From this review
Want free trial of OmniPage Pro, or just
use this Coupon to download and get
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