PLEASE sign up for offsite backups of your computer – I’m Imploring You

This post is about Offsite backups through Mozy.
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Please so something to avoid what my friend has gone through this past week.

This week, my friend’s home was burglarized.

The thieves literally took everything of any value at all.

He thinks they got in through breaking or cracking his garage door.


This is no ordinary friend.

This friend is like superman when it comes to computers and fixing things.

He also doesn’t charge what he’s worth.  He’s always worked to be of service to others first, letting the value of his work shine through.

His home is nothing extravagant – a basic 3/2 split level house in a pretty basic, standard neighborhood.

But because of the work my friend does, he had a quiet collection of awesome computer stuff in an upstairs office.

But the thieves probably didn’t know any of that before they walked in the door.

This was just a lucky hit for the thieves.

It was just a “good” day for the thieves (their day will come), and a bad day for my friend.

The thieves took away a whole lot of items (ANYTHING of value), including

  • Passports
  • Home financing documents (he and his wife have been trying to get their home refinanced for the past year, so he had paperwork close at hand)
  • A couple other file folders filled with personal information that can be used for Identity theft

These thieves were very thorough.

As you can imagine, my friend and his wife are very shaken.

They spent the first night afterwards at his parent’s house.

But he doesn’t even know where to start for his work.

He was in the middle a very big project for a very big client.

He was days away from delivery of a video to a client that would have finally been a realization of a lot of hard work, and been a really nice paycheck.

Instead, his data is all gone.

He had multiple on-site backup drives, but he didn’t have anything off-site.

All he and his wife’s pictures… gone.

  • Travels
  • Memories
  • Their wedding photos
  • Their honeymoon
  • The beginning of their lives together, both in pictures and in the work he has done

All of it – gone.

He had no off-site back-up.

Today, I’m IMPLORING you… even if you have a physical hard drive that you use for backing up folders and files, PLEASE join some kind of service which does off-site backups of your computer.

PLEASE, please, please.

My friend can replace his computer equipment and his power tools from the garage.

Heirloom jewelry is hard to replace, but over time can be forgotten.

But years worth of work and memories are very likely gone, and quite a challenge to recover from.

He will recover.

He is a fighter.

He is strong, and has already forgiven those who did this, knowing that if they were desperate enough to have to terrorize in order to take it from someone else (instead of learning and earning it), “They probably needed it more than me.”

However, if you’re reading this, please say a prayer  that at least one of Adam’s hard drives will show up, so that he can recover his work and his pictures.

And PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE… go sign up for a backup service for your own computer.

Don’t wait.  Do it right now.  It’s not expensive.

It will be among the smartest decisions you’ve ever made, especially if you end up with a hard drive that crashes… or worse, end up at some point being in my friend’s situation.

Open disclaimer:  If you sign up for Mozy service, we will receive a commission.

100% of that commission will go directly to my friend and his wife, as they work to re-build their lives.

You can get Mozy’s Unlimited Backup Service for just $4.95/Month
If you don’t use Mozy for offsite backups, find a different solution.

Please don’t go through what my friend has gone through this past week.  Get off-site backups.