Not Kiss and Tell but Clickatell: An Effective Tool in Preventing Identity Theft?

If identity theft crimes are happening faster and faster then, checking hard copy statements that arrive in the mail once a month is clearly not enough to stop identity theft. Maybe we need to check on our finances more frequently – and Clickatell SMS thinks so too.

Identity Theft Facts for 2008:
*Identity theft increased 22% in 2008.
*Over 9 million people were affected by identity theft last year.
*The average cost of identity theft was over $500.00.
*Identity theft crimes are happening faster with 71% of crimes happening within one week of the identity being stolen. That’s an increase from 33% in 2005.
*Even as identity thieves become more sophisticated, tried and true methods of identity theft like stealing purses or wallets and checkbooks, debit cards and credit cards are still the most common. Of course once identity thieves have these treasures in hand, they can multiply the information using cyber theft too.
Despite various anti-identity theft technologies, computer programs and safe habits, identity theft is increasing, not decreasing. Not only is it happening more often, it is happening even faster.
If identity theft crimes are happening faster and faster then, checking hard copy statements that arrive in the mail once a month is clearly not enough to stop identity theft. Perhaps even checking accounts on-line weekly is not enough. It seems as if consumers may need to scrutinize financial transactions almost instantly.
Clickatell SMS Receipts thinks you should too.
What is Clickatell SMS Receipts?
Clickatell SMS Receipts is a service that can be used by banks, credit unions, payment processors or credit card companies to notify customers instantly by text message to their cell phone of all transactions. Clickatell relies on the fact that over 3 billion people use and depend on cell phones daily and that SMS technology is already built into every cell phone. With over 200 billion text messages sent in 2008, people are already familiar with the process. Over 80% of the first cell phone generation already uses text messaging and a rising 40% of their parents are catching the text wave as well.
Notifying customers instantly gives customers an advantage to recognize mistakes or fraud and stop it immediately. Offering Clickatell SMS ReceiptsTM gives power to consumers.
According to James Van Dyke, president and founder of Javelin, “”Customers want more control, and institutions should offer tools to customers to check information, account information.” He adds that “customers can be just as effective and help catch fraud, because one out of two fraud cases is first detected by the customer.”
Do ydou Facebook? Do you eBay? Clickatell is already there.
Moneybookers, the fastest growing e-wallet service available to both Facebook and eBay users, is already using Clickatell SMS Receipts real-time technologies to provide instant alerts to customers.
“Real-time SMS alerts, such as those provided by Clickatell, help make Moneybookers one of the most secure options to pay online. With Clickatell SMS Receipts, we are offering our customers yet another mind-easing security feature for their online transactions,” says Nikoiai Riesenkampff, Co-CEO of Moneybooker.
Clickatell SMS Receipts Customers include:
-Standard Bank
-First National Bank
-Old Mutual
-Metropolitan Life
-S1 Corporation and others
Who’s TXTing you?
Your spouse, your children, your friends, your boss may all be sending you text that they’re sure are really urgent or helpful. What about your bank and credit card company? Are they watching out for you in real-time and helping you prevent identity theft with services like Clickatell SMS Receipts?