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Well, it’s not free, but I did get them to give me a little coupon code.
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I recently conducted an interview with Ed Kim, from Symantec, and we had a great conversation about the history of Symantec, why Norton and Symantec joined forces, and what the companies are doing together to create anti virus, internet security, and utilities solutions for home and business uses.
One of the things we are going to get set up here (very shortly) is a way for people to get a discount on all Norton products, as well as a free trial for some of Symantec’s offerings.
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For now, my interview with Ed Kim from Symantec is available for listening below

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A little more about Symantec that you might not know…
Symantec is really mostly recognized around the Norton brand. Norton is a recognized name in the antivirus and utility software space, and the two companies are one entity.
Symantec products include a variety of tools for computers, including Norton AntiVirus, Norton Commander, Norton Internet Security, Norton 360, Norton Personal Firewall, Norton SystemWorks (which now contains Norton Utilities), Norton AntiSpam, Norton GoBack (formerly Roxio GoBack), Norton Confidential,Norton Antibot and Norton Ghost (originally published by Binary Research).
Symantec also sells an older version of a software called PartitionMagic, which is now sold under the name Norton PartitionMagic.
You may not know this, because it’s primarily a business to business part of what they do, but Symantec is recognized for solutions it brings to the table in the arena of electronic messaging security. They help with solutions for instant messaging, antispam, antivirus, legal compliance, content compliance, legal discovery and message archiving, within electronic messaging (think text messaging, instant messaging, voice mails, etc).
(In other words, if you work in a company where your boss records what you do on the company computer, and who you talk with, Norton/Symantec might be behind the software that is tracking what you’re doing.)

Beginning of Interview with Symantec: Welcome to My name is Jonathan Kraft and in this interview, I interview Ed Kim, the Director of Product Management for one of the largest, anti-virus software companies in the world, Symantec. I hope you find the interview as interesting as I did. I know that Norton and Symantec were originally about fixing hard drives and corrupted files. I don’t know what changed that direction, but how, and I guess why really, did the two companies get involved in the anti-virus, anti-spyware space?
Symantec (Norton): A lot of the technology and expertise used to fix corrupted files could also be leveraged in the anti-virus space. It was a great opportunity for Norton and Symantec eventually to leverage this expertise into anti-virus space’s background. Previously the Norton company was a stand-alone company in the 80’s and Symantec purchased Norton in 1990.
So when I’m speaking about this, the Norton company had identified an opportunity in the anti-virus space and pursued that; leveraging basically the skill sets that it had in the utility space. In addition, utilizing various different acquisitions in the anti-virus space. Well, what kinds of changes have happened for anti-virus software, just as kind of an industry over the past few years?
Symantec (Norton): Well, I would say that most recently there’s been a shift from viruses and other forms of malware, aiming to render your computer unusable. And really no longer looking to attack the hardware and applications per se on your PC, but really looking for financial gain. So targeting user’s confidential information/personal information. The stakes are actually higher there and the financial gain, it’s no longer just notoriety from a hacker’s standpoint.
So personal information and using it for profit are a shift that we’ve seen in the marketplace. For example, we’ve seen just most recently, if we look at attacks that really target confidential information, we’ve seen 66% of the top 50 threats, that we’ve seen in our Symantec labs, in the last 6 months of 2006, were targeting confidential information. And that’s roughly a 48% increase over the first half of 2006.
This is very significant and with this there just is a lot of anxiety in the marketplace as well we’re seeing with the awareness increasing with consumers and we’re also noticing that their behavior is changing online. They’re very concerned with transacting online from an e-commerce standpoint or from an online banking standpoint.
So this is a big issue in the marketplace and there really is a need for comprehensive solutions that provide not only virus/spyware protection but also really have a comprehensive set of protection technologies, in root kits, intrusion prevention, having a firewall, phishing and identity protection technologies as well and not just solely relying on a traditional virus protection. Yeah, and kind of on that point, there’s been a lot of talk just in the media about layering your computer with protection and I think that’s kind of what you’re getting into there. But would you talk just a little bit about what that means; we hear this term all the time, you’ve got to have “layered protection” for your computer. What does that mean really and what kinds of layers should people have set up on their computers to make sure they are protected from all of these different threats?

I did get Symantec to provide a little discount, if you are wanting anything for your home or home office.
Clicking here, you can save 10% on anything through the Symantec Home & Home Office Store

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