MyTies For iPhone: Social Apps Sometimes Cause Concerns

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There have been many concerns lately around social networking apps being a place where personal information can be used, stolen, abused, and grabbed out of the air.

We will have an article here on IdentityTheftSecrets about an application for Firefox that is causing great concern for people using open wifi networks.

However, we’ve come across a social networking application for the iPhone which (based on what we’ve seen so far), we feel pretty comfortable recommending you should take a look at.

MyTies describes themselves as a private social networking application for the iPhone.

Here’s how MyTies works:

As a user, you let MyTies access your personal address book.

That can be a cause for a security concern sometimes, and rightfully so.

However, MyTies has gotten the security issue figured out.

And, unlike some apps which let anyone see where you are at any time, MyTies lets you set up groups of people from among your contacts.

This means that you can create multiple groups and set each group to be its own private network.

You can allow users to invite their contacts, and ultimately, using the system, you can decide who you want to share information with, and what information you want to share.

(This might include text messages, photos, videos and location information.)

As an example, you could set up groups for “family”, “work”, and “friends”.

Your friends and family groups might get the latest pictures of your dog’s antics in the latest snowstorm, while your work colleagues would not.

Myties will let you control who’s in the group, what content they see, and when they see it.

What gives us mild concern for MyTies:
Like any application that has access to your personal data, there is the possibility for loss of information.
But the security and permission level measures taken by MyTies are infinitely better than many similar apps.

What we like about MyTies:
You’re in control of the groups you’re part of
You’re in control of what information goes out to the users of your groups
You are the only person why has permission to invite people to see your posts

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If you’re in the market for a better way to do social networking on your iPhone, we recommend to give the free application a try.

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