Mobile Ant Virus: NetQin Java Based Antivirus for Mobile

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We’ve been talking a lot about mobile security here on IdentityTheftSecrets, and will continue to do so.  If you’re surfing the Internet on your phone, either through a 3G, 4G, wireless, Bluetooth, or any other kind of connection (other than hardwired), your chances of being infected by some kind of bug are quite good.

And actually, we prefer to think of viruses for mobile phones more like ants.  One little ant never seems like a big deal.  But if you don’t get rid of it (either by finding something more attractive for the ant, or by squashing it), the ant seems to multiply.

Viruses for mobile phones are like ants.  They move quickly and seem to multiply out of nowhere almost instantly.  And with viruses, you don’t even have to kick the ant pile.  Just by having a mobile phone, the ants come to you.

That’s the bad news.

The good news is that there many companies which have sprung up to help users with antivirus solutions for mobile phones.  One of those companies is NetQin.

As we mentioned last week, NetQin is a rising star all over the world, but in particular in China.  NetQin has an exclusive arrangement with China Mobile to provide their anti-spamming service.  Other partners include Sony, Nokia, Samsung, Dopod, Lenovo, Tencent, Motorola, Baidu, and quite a few others.

NetQin’s priority is to offer their antivirus solutions.  The backend is java-based software and functions on the Cloud-client Computing model.  In multiple tests with millions of users, Mobile NetQin antivirus solutions have proven effective mobile security solutions.

In addition to antivirus, NetQin has products which include protections for SMS-filter, anti-spyware, and privacy protection.


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