LoJackForLaptops: The Low Down on LoJack

I have heard of Lo Jack for my dog, it is an implant that helps to locate him if lost or stolen. I’ve heard of LoJack for my car, which helps locate my car when it is stolen. But what about Lo Jack for my computer (A.K.A. LoJack for Laptops)? Will it protect my laptop and me?

Identity theft is today’s most common crime. What trails behind identity theft? Stolen laptops. According to FBI statistics, a laptop is stolen about every 53 seconds. So how many are never recovered? A whopping 97% percent. Obviously these two crimes go hand in hand, as a stolen laptop will often hand over to identity thieves the private information they need steal your identity, live high on the hog, and leave you with a pork belly full of problems and mucked up credit.
If only 3% of stolen personal computers are recovered by traditional means, is there any way to improve the odds of getting back your computer and reducing your risks of identity theft?
Absolute software is offering LoJack for Laptops, a stolen computer recovery service.
How does LoJack locate my computer?
If a computer is stolen, users can call an 800 number or access another computer to report it to LoJack on line. Your computer goes onto Absolute Software’s “most wanted” list.
Absolute can determine the location of your computer as it “checks in” with Absolute in Vancouver. The details of how this works have so far been less than forthcoming. Absolute has explained that if a computer thief uses your computer to go on line using a dial up modem, it can tell the phone number and trace the address. If the thief uses a broadband connection, Absolute can track the IP address and locate a street address with cooperation from the internet service provider.
What happens once my computer is located with LoJack?
LoJack’s recovery team, made up of all ex-cops, then connects with area law enforcement and informs them of the location of the stolen laptop. Will law enforcement respond?
A representative from LoJack confessed, “At the beginning, we wondered whether law enforcement would really care about laptops. But they were very supportive. Property theft is a situation where they don’t get a lot of success. But this is stolen property with a built-in electronic tip where it’s located. They also realized that, in 5% of the cases, at the location they go to, other criminal activity is taking place.”
In fact, when LoJack received a stolen computer call form McKinney, Texas, the local police recovered the stolen laptop at an illegal chop shop with drugs and weapons to boot.
How can I get LoJack for Laptops and what does it cost?
Currently LoJack for Laptops is available at CompUSA. Absolute Software says they hope to add new retailers this year.
LoJack for Laptops is $49.99 for a year or $99.00 for three years of protection. When you purchase the LoJack service you’ll get a program on compact disc.
How do I set up LoJack?
*Install the discs.
*Call the 800 numbers in Vancouver, British Columbia.
*They’ll tell you where your computer is right away.
But can LoJack protect me from Identity Theft?
In seconds, LoJack, with your instruction and permission, can wipe your hard drive or any of the software and data from your computer. This could be a comfort, but most of us would have both stuff we wanted off of the laptop and stuff we didn’t want to lose. So, it is still best to have copies of what you want and the least amount of identifying information possible on your computer.
Are there issues with LoJack?
While most users have found the process to be easy, others like those using older operating systems like Windows98 had issues. In these cases, users can access a version that works with Windows98 from the LoJack for Laptops web site.
Currently there is a corporate version of LoJack available for Macs but not a consumer version. Absolute says that this is in the works.
LoJack for Laptops reports a 90% recovery rate.
LoJack for Laptops is a new and exciting option in stolen laptop and personal computer recovery. It is another tool to consider that can reduce your risks of identity theft and increase the chances of having your computer returned to you if it is stolen. A recovered computer means that you won’t have to fork over the bacon for a new one or stress about identity theft.

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