LendingTree.com Review: Does LendingTree.com deliver?

Can LendingTree.com help you get the loan you need – maybe. But is it the loan you deserve?

LendingTree.com is an online sight that offers loan shopping and financial resources. At LendingTree.com, the user puts in their financial information and their loan needs and Lending Tree shops member banks that then compete for your loan business.
Services offered at LendingTree.com:
User Tools- Lendingtree.com can help you estimate the value of your existing home, estimate how much home you can afford, and find a local realtor to facilitate the home- searching/buying process.
Personal Loans- This includes loans for mortgages, home equity, auto, debt consolidation, student loans, and other personal loans.
Low-interest credit cards- LendingTree.com also offers help for obtaining low- interest credit cards.
Commercial Loans- If you’re a small business owner who is looking for some extra cash, lendingtree.com can help you by finding an installment loan, line of credit, mortgage, business credit card, or receivables financing that fit your company needs.
Help Center- If you’re uncertain about the meaning of financial terms and want to learn more, you can enter the help center to learn more about:
-Adjustable rate mortgages
-Tips for buying a new car
-Financial aid process for students
-How much home equity you can borrow
-And more financial topics.
LendingTree.com is not an actual lender. They are shopping for a loan for you. They do work with big name lenders like Bank of America, Bank One, Citibank and MBNA America and over 650 real estate agencies.
LendingTree.com also offers a phone number if you prefer to share your information over the phone with a live representative rather than enter it into the computer.

Costs at LendingTree.com?

There is no charge for browsing the sight and checking out the links on helpful financial articles. You can also set up an account free of charge. You’ll only be charged if you choose a service or loan.
Restrictions at LendingTree.com:
Users should know up front that Lending Tree has some restrictions and limitations regarding loan amounts. For example, with auto loans, the loan has to be at least for $7,500. For home equity loans, it has to be at least $10,000 and for personal loans, at least $1,000. The areas with no limits would include business loans and mortgages.
LendingTree.com does offer some special deals such as offers for $250.00 toward closing costs and free credit reports.
LendingTree.com promises convenience and an easy loan process. Do they deliver?
The pros to LendingTree.com are that the site is easy to use and does offer some helpful tools. The cons are that the loan offers aren’t particularly special and there aren’t enough of them. Most users got 2-5 offers. In the end, users and financial analyst find LendingTree.com to be a rather average financial site that will find good deals for some but not all. LendingTree.com is so easy to use that it is worth giving a try to see if you can get a lower interest rate but have a comparison, such as one from a local credit union to see if this is the best deal available or not.