Lavasoft Product Review: Ad Aware Plus by Lavasoft

Lavasoft Ad Aware Plus is a very economical (and can be downloaded for free) alternative when searching for antivirus and antispyware software support for your personal computer. Lavasoft antivirus software includes many key features, not available when you download many other software programs.
Ad Aware Plus download is an expanded and economical alternative for providing your personal computer with antivirus, anti spyware and other threatening software protection. Ad Aware Plus is one of several antivirus software protection programs created and maintained by Lavasoft, a private company. Lavasoft was begun in 1999 and is headquartered in Sweden. Lavasoft was one of the first software companies to detect and create antivirus software programming. Lavasfot also has small business, enterprise, academic and non-profit antivirus software and systems support available. Their success can be rated by the over 250 million Ad Aware antivirus downloads world-wide, providing anti virus, anti spyware and other protective services to computers all over the world.

Key software features of the Ad Aware Plus antivirus software are:
– Up to date detection of threats to your personal computer and information with the use of new programming and new scanning methods. Not only is the detection and removal of viruses, malicious programs, and adware up to date, but occurs in real time, detecting and stopping malicious applications that may try to access your computer through instant chats, email or web surfing as they occur and before they are installed on your computer.
– Scheduled automated scans of your computer as well as updates to the antivirus software program. The updates are completed in smaller increments resulting in faster download time making the update process more efficient. Scans may also be customized to create a restore point, allowing the software systems of your personal computer to be able to work as it did before a spyware or adware threat. These scheduled scans can also be time saving and limited to specific programs or systems where antivirus and spyware software usually are located such as the hard drives, external storage devices, RAM and optical drives.
-Blocking controls which allow users of Ad Aware Plus to block advertising sites; create parental controls, creating more efficient web navigation shortcuts. It also provides protection from many forms of malware, by detecting registry changes and misdirection of websites. The blocking and protection of the malware includes known and unknown threats through the detection of specific malware programming.
-Ad Aware Plus provided protection to Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera browsing systems as wells as erasing tracks made by your visits to websites, thus protecting your privacy even more completely.
-Easy to use functions and key features: the main control panel of Ad Aware Plus allows users to easily schedule scans, determine the level of protection they desire on their computer, remove threatening or harmful downloads from their computer. It also allows users to determine what they feel is a true threat and delete those items from the system while keeping those programs that appear to be harmful, but are not. This places the elimination of possible harmful programs in the user’s hands.
Ad Aware Plus Personal firewall is available for one year for a purchase price of $49.95 for one year, or discounts for multiple years. Lavasoft Ad Aware is a three year protection service that is almost the cost of many one year antivirus software downloads.
Technical and customer support is free. Online support requires a purchase and log in to access much of the information, however, product and installation manuals, frequently asked questions, a discussion forum are all available without log in and account information. Direct access to the support group requires an account.
A free scan is available to detect current threats to your system, as well as a free thirty day trial to determine if Ad Aware Plus is the right antivirus and anti spyware software system to dowoload personal computer needs.

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  1. Lavasoft makes really great products, and it is a very good idea to unite anti-spyware and anti-virus, but to my mind it is also necessary to use a firewall and some anti-keylogger. I would recommend to use the following programs in addition to Ad Aware Plus: Firewall : Zone Alarm Pro and Anti-Keylogger: Privacy Keyboard(

  2. I had get Lavasoft Personal Firewall 3.0 at “” for protection from online attacker. I installed Lavasoft firewall on system; it based upon much internet research. It is very easy to use, and very effective, too. I highly recommend using this product, especially if you use DSL like I do. Don’t go on the internet without using this product, and with the privacy filter. My all informations are safe & protected by Lavasoft Firewall. Such, Best Firewall Software.

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