Kohl’s: Customer Love the Store, How Does the Credit Card Rate?

Kohl’s Department stores are a popular shopping venue. For our family it is a major stop for back to school clothes, Christmas shopping, winter coats, Easter dresses, toys and more. Kohl’s offers up to date styles and very competitive prices.

The Kohl’s stores get high customer reviews but what about the Kohl’s Department store credit card.
An Overview of the Kohl’s Department Store Credit Card:
The Kohl’s credit card is easy fairly easy to obtain even with less than perfect credit. Applications are available in stores or can be printed on line but have to be processed in a Kohl’s store. It took a full two minutes for our Kohl’s credit card application to be approved.
The good news is that the Kohl’s credit card has no annual fee. The bad news is that like most all store credit cards, the Kohl’s credit card has a higher interest rate than most non-store credit cards. Ours is currently around 22% annually. We haven’t seen any lower teaser rates from Kohl’s credit cards. The rate takes effect right away and remains fixed. On the other hand, it hasn’t increased over the years either.
Users can access their Kohl’s credit account online after registering their account online. You can review statements or pay your bill as well.
Kohl’s customer service can be accessed through the Kohls.com website, whether for general store or purchase questions or credit card questions.
In our experience, Kohl’s in store customer service has been above average with both helpful and friendly employees.

Is Kohl’s Department Store Credit Card recommended?

The answer is yes but as with any store credit card or other card, users have to be savvy in order preserve financial health. There is a 28 to 31 day billing cycle depending on the number of days in the month. Credit card customers who pay their Kohl’s bill on time consistently, will save money and build credit.
Also, Kohl’s does offer credit card promotions that are often too good to turn down. The one that our family took advantage of was a 20% of today’s purchase and a $25.00 gift card to use later.
Once we received our credit card, we’ve found that Kohl’s often offers online shopping deals that range from 10 to 30 % off of your purchase for credit card holders. As long as shoppers shop responsibly, they can really enjoy savings using a Kohl’s credit card. Other advantages include coupons for up to 30% off your entire purchase mailed to your home or email.
A big plus that we see is that there are also in store discounts for credit card holders that apply even if you don’t use your credit card to pay for the purchase (but this is rare). This is in store only. On line deals generally require the use of the Kohl’s credit card.
While the interest rate is high but there is a grace period so as long as you pay off your bill, or most of it, each month, you will be still saving money with a Kohl’s credit card.