Just how does one commit Identity Theft?

There are plenty of ways Identity Theft can be committed.
One way is by stealing people’s credit/debit card information. This can be done with a simple little device called a Card Reader or a skimmer. You’ve seen them before in grocery stores and at the gas station, but perhaps you never knew that they could be purchased, and be made small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. And if you didn’t know, a quick Google search would give you plenty of search results which would tell you what you needed to know about card readers. Take a look at a result I got
And hey, if you really had the technical know-how, you could get instructions on how to build a card reader.

But why build a card reader? That would take time and energy, and (GASP!) it would even take some thought. Why not just buy a card reader at eBay or Mag-Stripe.com for under $400?
That’s probably what Arthur Crumpley Jr. and Cecil Lamont Hicks did. Then they went to a local Taco Bell, recruited a cashier working for $6/hour, and told her they would pay her $1000 for every 50 cards skimmed by the machine they gave her.
Let’s see, you mean that I can increase my wages by TWO HUNDRED TIMES if I just run a few cards through this little machine?
“Oh sure, why not.”

The way she was caught? The manager investigated her because she was moving so slowly when having people pay at the window, that he thought something must be wrong.
You can read the whole article here, but the point is that police think that this is part of a much larger ring operating in the Atlanta area.
Here’s a clue… it’s part of a much larger operating ring, period. For as much as Identity Theft has been in the news, I don’t believe we’ve even BEGUN to see the depths to which people will stoop to get other people’s information.
And, as Cpl. Ron Underwood, a detective in Cobb’s criminal investigation unit, is quoted as saying in the article, “If you are a victim of identity theft just one time, you’ll understand how serious this is.”

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