Is Your Credit Card Data Safe?

Is your credit card data safe? Most people would like to think so but there is reason for concern. Technology has helped to create the contactless card that allows users to make payments from your Smartphones, without having to remove the card from your wallet.

However, technology has also made it possible to steal your data from these cards using a hacker app. Forbes reported on the demonstration that Researcher Eddie Lee stunned the crowd with at the Defcon hacker conference in Las Vegas, when he introduced the Hacker Demos Android App.
What Is the Hacker App and How Does It Work?
The Hacker Demos Android App is an Android software tool called the “NFCProxy”. This app has the ability to read and then play back the data it collects from a contactless credit card. Since the hacker is using a cell phone to retrieve this information, victims are none the wiser. In essence, it’s an RFID reader because it reads the embedded RFID chips in these cards without having to touch it or you.

With cell phones being so common and seen everywhere by all types of people, you wouldn’t be suspicious of someone messing around with one. On the same note, cashiers accepting the payments would have little reason to suspect the person paying with their phone of doing anything wrong.

After all, more people are using services like Google Wallet and cashiers never see or touch these cards. Therefore, they’re not required to ask for ID. But don’t get discourage, it takes someone with skills and patients to use the Hacker Demos Android App and there are ways that you can protect your credit card data from hackers.

How to Your Protect Your Credit Card Data
The first step in protecting your contactless credit card data is to know that there is a threat and that they can be hacked if someone is resourceful and determined enough. The second step is to understand how the Hacker Demos Android App works, so you can protect your information. The key is to block the signal and prevent the hacker from reading the RFID chip in your card.

You can buy wallets and shields designed to block the RFID chip. These are usually made from some type of steel or aluminum. You can also wrap aluminum foil around your card before placing it in your wallet and this could disrupt the signal if someone were trying to retrieve your information.

There’s also one other option. You can always leave your card at home in a safe place and you’ll never have to worry about someone using the Hacker Demos Android App to steal your data.

Guest post by Lisa Mason. Lisa Mason is a freelance writer and VP of Special Media for Social Media Sun.