Is Trend Micro PC Cillin Internet Security the Best Medicine for Your PC?

Trend Micro PC Cillin Internet Security is a full service personal computer protection software system. Once installed on your computer it provides antivirus, anti-spyware, anti-spam, anti-phishing, identity theft protection, two way firewalls, and parental controls.
PC Cillin antivirus software is updated regularly and not only detects known but unrecognized virus software that is not yet identified or named. PC Cillin does contain programming that lets it scan for programs consistent with a virus, thus protecting your computer from worms, Trojans and viruses. Safety scans are performed on all incoming emails, and is sends out instant messages with notification. You can also set PC Cillin for auto removal of any virus detected. The anti spyware and anti phishing software protect your identity as well as personal and financial information making shopping and searching online safer.

The two way firewall protects against outgoing and incoming traffic, making sure that what goes in and what you send out are both free of antivirus or spyware that may damage your PC, or your friend or family members’ computers. Rootkit removal removes hidden threats in your computer’s operating system, and the parental controls allow you to filter web addresses, allowng you to control content you feel is inappropriate as well as specific URL’s you do not wish your other family members or children to be able to access.
The newest features to be introduced to Trend Micro PC Cillin are certification for use with Windows Vista, activity reports, and customizable security warnings where the user determines how frequently they want to receive warnings about threats to their computers security. Most importantly to many PC Cillin users is the ability to filter “spam” images. Some spam email and security threats attempt to disguise the threat by placing it within an image that you may open or download to your computer. Programs that use images (in addition to or) instead of text may be detected and filtered into your spam or junk email folder. Lastly, Micro Trend PC-cillin detects valid hotspots and WI-FI networks, thus protecting your information so that it is not released by accessing a false wireless connection.
Quite often you perform a search and get results, or receive email, for sites that are threats to your personal and computer safety. However, you don’t know this until you have already visited the site. Trend Micro PC-cillin disables those sites that it detects as a virus, spyware, phishing sites, or many other types of threats. An additional safety feature is the protection of your personal computer’s operating system (and other critical software) from viruses that may damage it, as well as spyware, adware, malware.
It was very easy to install and customize the PC-cillin antivirus software program. I have Windows Vista, and for the period of time I used it found it to be compatible. It is important to remember to uninstall any existing antivirus or anti spyware software prior to installing the Trend Micro PC-cillin software, even those that have expired and are not longer functioning. Access to the telephone software was a three minute wait; however the staff was courteous and knowledgeable when I was released from hold.
PC Ciillin has been featured in PC Magazine, received a rating of 4.5 from PC World, is certified by ICSA (a security software testing lab), and received the VB 100% award (an independent comparative testing service that evaluates antivirus protection software). Free customer support is available through email, telephone and instant chats. The Trend Micro website also has a Frequently Asked Questions section. One year protection is available for $59.95 (see discount link below) and protects up to three personal computers. You may also try the free Trend Micro “House Call” which allows you to scan for free for viruses and spyware that may already exist on your computer.