Is Google in Your Wallet?

Everybody loves shopping, and everybody loves getting great deal on products that they buy. Today Google announced their latest product that will be coming this summer. Google’s latest venture is called Google Wallet, and it will be coming to an Android smartphone near you soon.

NFC Technology is the future

In 2009 MasterCard started deploying pay points around the country. Consumers who had MasterCards could simply tap their card on the device and their card would be billed, this eliminated the need to hand your card over to the retailer. Google has taken this technology to the next level and they have built this technology into their phones.

The Google Nexus S has an NFC chip built right into the device. Google Wallet is an app that users will be able to download to their phone, and then add their credit card information, and loyalty card information into the app, then you can then use the phone as a method of payment.

Easy and Convenient

The system is easy to use. The consumer will simply have to tap the pay point with their phone, the transaction will then be completed, and a receipt will display on your phone. If you do not have a CitiCard or a MasterCard, no problem. Included will be a Google card that you can add money to from any credit card.

Because you will be using a smartphone which will be connected to the internet, the phone will be able to look for offers and send them straight to your phone. It will look at your shopping habits and will send offers that will be of benefit to you. Retailers will also have signs up in their stores that you can put your phone on and the offer will be added to your wallet.

You will also be able to search for offers, and if there are coupons floating around for items you are searching for, Google will ask if you want to add the coupon to your virtual wallet so that you can save money at a later date. Google Wallet is going to revolutionize the way that consumers shop and spend money.

There are already 120,000 businesses in the U.S that offer NFC payment options to consumers and that number is set to expand rapidly. Subway, Macy’s, American Eagle, and many other retailers will be joining Google in their latest venture.

How safe will it be?

I am sure there will be many concerns surrounding security with services like this, especially as there have been breaches in the security of well known services lately including Android, and Sony. Google assures us that security is tight, and that not only will there be security features built right into the phone, but that there will be multiple layers of security built into the Google Wallet app.

Google will issue each user of Google Wallet a pin number that will be needed to log into the app. That pin number can be used in conjunction with passwords that the user can set for each card in the virtual wallet. All of this security on top of the security that is already embedded into the phone like passwords to unlock the device, will help keep all of your personal data safe and secure. Of course though, we have been told this many times before about various products, lets just hope that this time Google is telling the truth.
The technology is here now, and the retail world is quickly building an infrastructure that will support NFC payments. Google has said that over half of all the smartphones that will be sold next year will have an NFC chip in them so that they can utilize Google Wallet. Google Wallet is scheduled to go live this summer.

This guest post is by Brett Day ,  from Moore, Oklahoma. He is a featured contributor for Associated Content in Technology. He has a huge interest in the world of technology, home theater, and video games. Brett loves writing and sharing his knowledge on all of these subjects