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Iolo System Mechanic Pro
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Does your PC take more time to start up than it did in the past?

Is your computer slower when opening files, connecting to the Internet, and even when starting up?

Over time, most systems slow down.

It happens naturally that as you use your computer, the things you’re doing are leaving behind random files, conflicting files in your computer’s registry, and drives which end up fragmented.

All of these things will slow down the performance of your computer system.

It’s kind of like when you drive your car for longer than you should between oil changes, or like taking it out for a spin on some muddy roads.

After your drive, you’d wash your car.

Every three months, you should have a mechanic change the oil on your car.

It’s a little different with your car, but not all that different.

You should have a “mechanic” for your computer.

Enter System Mechanic Professional from Iolo.

Iolo’s latest version of this award-winning software combines a full version of System Mechanic, full antivirus and firewall protection, data recovery (restore lost or deleted files), and military-standard drive scrubbing, to make sure the files you want deleted are gone forever.

The idea of having a mechanic for your car is to keep your car running like new.  Iolo System Mechanic is designed to keep your computer running at it’s top performance level.

Iolo’s automatic maintenance, which is built into System Mechanic 9, offers you an automated way to keep your system performing optimally at all times.

We do like Iolo’s search and recover (built into System Mechanic) which is a data recovery tool that works to get back deleted files that weren’t deleted on purpose.

This includes:

  • Music,
  • Photographs
  • Videos
  • Documents
  • Emails

And Iolo System Mechanic Pro can find these files on hard drives, memory storage cards, and portable devices.

If you are looking to have a program to keep your computer “tuned up”, take a look at Iolo System Mechanic Pro.

Iolo System Mechanic Pro
Coupon code: $49.95 (normal $69.95)
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